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DriveWorks Drivers June 2024 Meeting Round Up

DriveWorks Drivers connects DriveWorks Users from around the world, featuring guest speakers sharing experiences and encouraging questions and dialogue about the technology. Sharing technical know-how and practical experience informally with each other is something we know many people using DriveWorks like to do.

On June 6th, we hosted our 2nd meeting of DriveWorks Drivers for 2024. DriveWorks Drivers was hosted via Microsoft Teams at 3pm (BST) and 1:30pm (NZST). Hosting at different times has provided the opportunity for our global community to join at a time that suits them.

Since starting DriveWorks Drivers in 2020, we have really seen the value of getting together quarterly to share knowledge from our own team as well as talk to DriveWorks users from all kinds of industries who are using DriveWorks software.

We had the pleasure of hosting two of our customers who gave us an inside look into how they are using DriveWorks. A member of our technical team gave exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into our continuous improvements of DriveWorks technology. Plus our regular DriveWorks Challenge and the Final Ascent slots.

Here’s the June 2024 DriveWorks Drivers meeting round up.

How We Learn From You, To Improve Your DriveWorks Experience

Ollie Payne, Senior Applications Engineer – Support CI Lead, joined as our special guest host. His presentation explained our approach to continual learning and development to improve your DriveWorks experience.

Ollie explained his role as Support CI Lead and the internal processes that happen behind the scenes to turn support requests, enhancements, and data into making the DriveWorks software and surround content better, more robust, and easier for all users.

Customer Presentation – Industrial Tube (Q&A with Ahmed Lasheen)

Roger West from Industrial Tube showcased how their company leverages DriveWorks to enhance their sales and production processes. Roger shared how the production team at Industrial Tube uses the DriveWorks interface to seamlessly access, view, and edit production documents and information for orders.

DriveWorks technology provides a powerful business sales configurator. Roger has designed the user interface to be user-friendly and highly informative with automation workflow processes.

He shared the Canopy product configuration process from the sales quote request through to the automatic generation of engineering drawings where he designed the interface to offer design options to the sales team using the calculation table feature. He also showed how 3D preview is used to help the sales team see the configured product.

Customer Presentation – Monroe Custom Bodies

Chase Swingle from Monroe Custom Bodies and David Dewey of Base 10 Consultants shared how DriveWorks has improved their design processes. They highlighted how the implementation of a configurator has automated and streamlined their design workflow, significantly reducing the engineering team’s workload.

Chase shared his journey with DriveWorks, starting with DriveWorksXpress, moving to Solo, and then on to DriveWorks Pro.

Learning Portal Updates

Heather Hasz provided a brief step-by-step overview on how to create a MyDriveWorks Community Account to access the DriveWorks Learning Portal. In addition, she shared exciting updates on new learning portal content available from DriveWorks World 2024, together with other new technical resources.

The Final Ascent – Dynamic Specification Flows

In this edition of the Final Ascent, available to watch back in the DriveWorks Learning Portal, Paul Gimbel ran through the purpose and meaning behind Specification Flow. He explored the best way to view the specification object itself, the relationship between specification flow and your larger business process, as well as the importance of understanding when a specification is closed, and how to manage your specification when outside stimuli or process actors drive the workflow.

DriveWorks Challenge #6

Introduced at DriveWorks World 2023, the DriveWorks Challenge has become a regular part of our DriveWorks Drivers meetings. Paul Gimbel unveiled DriveWorks Challenge #6, looking at how to provide a better user experience by reducing the number of choices and the complexity of those choices from a list. Your challenge is to to provide a new and creative way to let our users select one option from a catalog of over 1500 cabinet handles and knobs.

This very common situation should be reusable in almost every implementation, so we’re excited to see what you submit. You can find more information of Challenge #6 in the DriveWorks Learning Portal.

See You in September!

Registration is now open to join us on Thursday, September 5th for our next meeting of DriveWorks Drivers which will be hosted at 1:30pm NZST and 3pm BST.

If you have an idea for a future DriveWorks Drivers meeting, drop us an email at drivers@driveworks.co.ukWe’d love to hear from you!