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Heat and Sensor Technology Case Study

Heat and Sensor Technology has been using DriveWorks Software for a while now, we caught up with the team to see how they’ve been using it.

Heat and Sensor Technology is a premier manufacturer of industrial electric resistance heaters and sensors available primarily to the plastic injection industry. They have distributors across the USA and Canada.

So how are you using DriveWorks?

We’re using DriveWorks to power our Online Configurators. These contain an array of renders of stock and custom components, from which customers can begin building their own customised heater with a click of their mouse. Customers can see a 3D result of their completed heater and get a final review of their design emailed to them automatically.

How did you ‘Design to Order’ before you had DriveWorks?

Prior to the roll out of our configurators, the building of a common band heater was a tedious process.
It consisted of the following:

  • Collecting and confirming exact specifications from customers
  • Drawing dimensions for all layers within the heater
  • Submitting and confirming 2D renders for production with the customer

How has replacing the previous method with DriveWorks improved the process?

As mentioned, we previously spent exorbitant amounts of time collecting and confirming all of the detailed information required to produce custom products. Using DriveWorks software has greatly reduced time, cost and errors in the production process.
Before using DriveWorks, reassuring customers that our 2D rendered interpretation of their heater requirements would result in exactly what they requested was a constant challenge. Now, the software allows customers to rotate, examine and confirm their completed 3D design for accuracy.
We believe universally, DriveWorks saves time for both the consumer and the manufacturer. In our case, DriveWorks has aided us exponentially, our order conversion rate is higher than manual quoting methods and we’ve increased our order rate by approximately 90%.

How does DriveWorks benefit your customers?

DriveWorks makes it easier for customers to view and select from a myriad of available heater design combinations. The configurators put our customers in control, allowing them to select, build, visualise, examine and confirm their selected heater components before they place their order.
The customers receive an emailed quote and image automatically. Immediately, they see how we beat competitor quotes in terms of speed and value.
Customers can access our configurators 24 hours a day to build a heater directly from our website, it’s convenient for them and they can receive quotes without any commitment.

Overall, what’s the most important thing about DriveWorks for Heat and Sensor Technology?

Our online product configurators are a benchmark of achievement – representing the excellence in customer service that we’re continuing to develop. We are adding new product lines all the time and are currently building a configurator for our Cartridges. It is our ultimate desire to offer our customers the ability to configure custom products for the rest of our product lines – Mica Strips, Channel Strips, Mica Bands, Ceramic Bands, Thermocouples and Tubular Heaters.

Find out more at heatandsensortech.com

Heat and Sensor Tech will be at the NPE show in March 2015, visit them at booth #S1947 to see their configurators in action.