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Configuring Customisable Furniture online in 3D using DriveWorks

Tabluka is a UK based company that sells configurable and customisable furniture and other home accessories that can be designed and personalize to the customers’ own taste over the web.

Tabluka Creative Director Daniel Knox says that “The Tabluka concept is different in many ways. Different because it uses the latest digital design technologies. Different because it uses modern, stylish materials. Different because it puts you in control.”

He says that Tabluka has been developed out of understanding consumer needs and the gowing desire for personalised, long lasting and sustainably sourced furniture.

Tabluka furniture is assembled by slotting together the flat packed pieces without the need for any screws, nails or tools – therefore no need for DIY experience. Anyone who watched The Apprentice and the flat pack furniture challenge, will understand the appeal of this when it is done well.

Tabluka are currently using DriveWorks Pro Administrator, DriveWorks Pro Autopilot and DriveWorks Pro Live to allow their consumers to directly configure their own  table and accessories online.

The site has all been created using DriveWorks’ form technology and lets you choose: the table height, width, depth, cormer radius and the wood type and finish. There are even options for cable management, for people who want to bring electricity or internet conenctions to their table!

And one of the most popular features is the ability to personalize the table by engraving family names, dates and special messages.


Benefits cited by Tabluka for using DriveWorks are:

  • All the engineering data for every new customers design  is automated by DriveWorks eradicating the need for manual creation of .dxf files.
  • Automated BOM and packing list generated for manufacture when an order is placed.
  • Every update I make to Tabluka DriveWorks project is reflected on www.tabluka.com as well as the engineering data in the background.

You can visit Tabluka here or follow the Tabluka concept on Twitter at @tabluka