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Configure a Trailer with DriveWorks

See how DriveWorks can be used to configure custom trailers

Having a DriveWorks Product Configurator means you can free up design engineers to work on innovative ideas by giving sales teams more power. A complete CPQ system from DriveWorks allows sales teams, distributors and even customers to design a product to their exact specification, without needing any technical clarification.

Manufacturing companies from a huge range of different industries have been able to save time, reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction by having a DriveWorks product configurator.

Transportation is just one of many industries that DriveWorks has been used successfully. Head to www.driveworkslive.com to see an example of a trailer configurator. Have a go for yourself and see how easy it is, whether you have in depth knowledge about trailers or not, to configure your perfect trailer. Industry regulations can also be added into your DriveWorks CPQ system and all documentation and customer follow up is done automatically so your orders can go straight from sales to manufacturing seamlessly.

Success for a Trailer Manufacturer Using DriveWorks

“The time we are gaining from freeing up the engineering team is now used proactively in research and development. The result is new designs such as our revolutionary, new articulated trailer, whose teardrop shape reduces CO2 emissions by 20%, when compared to a standard cab-trailer fleet operation.”

Time-Saving Metrics

Model Specification

  • Previous system = 1 day
  • DriveWorks = 5 minutes

Trailer Production

  • Previous system = 1 week
  • DriveWorks = 4 hours

DriveWorks software is perfect for any company manufacturing products that are the same but different and there are tons of different examples on driveworkslive.com.