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What More Can I Do with DriveWorks Solo? – Upgrading from DriveWorksXpress

DriveWorksXpress is free and included inside SOLIDWORKS. You can do more with DriveWorks Solo. Try the functionality for yourself with a 30 day free trial of DriveWorks Solo.

Get Started with DriveWorksXpress

DriveWorksXpress is the free design automation tool included in every license of world-leading, 3D CAD design software, SOLIDWORKS.

You’ll find DriveWorksXpress under the SOLIDWORKS Tools menu, all you need to do is activate it by following these simple steps.

Once you’ve activated DriveWorksXpress, get started quickly and easily with the free online resources. Online you’ll find a help file, sample projects, how to videos, tutorials and monthly getting started webinars to help you should you need it.

You can even get certified in DriveWorksXpress. Become a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate (CDWXA) in just 3 steps, in 3 hours by completing the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification. It’s a free online certification for all engineering and design professionals and students with access to SOLIDWORKS.

Do More with DriveWorks Solo

DriveWorks Solo allows you to quickly and easily create custom products inside SOLIDWORKS, reduce the cost of custom designs, respond quickly to sales inquiries, enhance product quality and reduce repetitive tasks.

DriveWorks Solo is the next step in automating SOLIDWORKS. It provides powerful design automation with the following additional functionality compared to DriveWorksXpress:

Form Designer

DriveWorks Solo has an advanced form designer to create visually appealing, dynamic configurator projects, with images, a wider range of form controls and form navigation for guided selling.

Model Control

Control and drive many more SOLIDWORKS features such as colours, materials and textures with custom properties. Control multiple sets of models in a single project.

Drawing Control

Greater control over SOLIDWORKS drawings. Create multiple drawings for each part and assembly and control layers, sheet scale, annotation position, break-lines and much more.

Built-in Templates

Built in XML templates for Quotations, BOMs and covering letters enables you to automatically generate personalised documents based on your rules, stored alongside your project files.

Working with Data

DriveWorks Solo lets you take data from excel or an internal data table and use it to power your forms. Use the information in your rules and drive the results in your output documents.

Working with Rules

With over 180 functions and the ability to use variables, the DriveWorks Solo Rules Builder is more powerful with greater capability. Your rules are validated as you build your project.

Try DriveWorks Solo for Free

See the additional functionality in DriveWorks Solo yourself with a 30-day free trial.
DriveWorks software is modular and scalable so you can quickly and easily upscale the project you have already created in DriveWorksXpress to DriveWorks Solo.

You’ll also benefit from free online resources for DriveWorks Solo. Even during your trial period, you have access to a training tutorial, how-to videos, webinars, online training, sample projects and the online help file.