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A Hands-On Show and Tell

Each Friday the whole DriveWorks team come together in the Barley Store for a show and tell. We haven’t blogged about them for a while, but we’ve still been gathering to learn from each other.

Show and tells are a great way for us to share our knowledge, tips and tricks and make exciting announcements!

This week, the whole team gathered as usual and we were very excited when our CEO Glen told us to wrap up warm as we were heading outside….

Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

As we all know, the Great British weather can be rather unpredictable at times and it’s tricky to know when to prepare your car for the winter, especially when we’re busy creating great software and preparing for both SOLIDWORKS World and DriveWorks World.

Thankfully Glen very kindly prepared a great show and tell to ensure the whole DriveWorks team are ready for the frosty spell that’s coming up!

After we’d all gathered around Glens truck, we received a crash course in car maintenance and learnt how to:

  • Check the oil level, washer fluid and brake fluid
  • Check the tyre pressure and tread
  • Ensure all the lights work
  • Check the windscreen for chips / cracks

After we’d watched Glen check his truck, we all went away to check our own cars. The Barley Store car park temporarily became a car workshop and our engineers got to work! For some it was just in time as oil levels were low and screen wash reservoirs empty.

The DriveWorks Team are now ready to face the frost, but are you? Don’t forget to regularly check your car and keep it well maintained. You can find more information on preparing your car for winter here.

Here’s a few snaps from our eventful afternoon…