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Download Sample Projects

Complete DriveWorksXpress sample projects to download and explore


Enter the height, width and length as well as duty to create a unique conveyor.


Change the height, width and depth. Configure door styles and handles to suit your needs.


Enter the width and height of your opening. Choose a window style and create your door.

Electrical Enclosure

Use this DriveWorksXpress project to configure a sheet metal electrical enclosure. Determine the height, width, depth, as well as the inlet and outlet gland position.

Entrance Canopy

Quickly configure different sized entrance canopies in SolidWorks.

Extraction Canopy

Fill out the form and create parts, assemblies and drawings for new extraction canopies.

Guard Rail

Create new guard rails for different size trucks.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Change the stroke, diameter and pressure to generate new hydraulic cylinders.


Select from one of five lintel types, and then enter opening widths and wall sizes for each.

Mobile Gantry Crane

Enter the safe working load, total height and total width to create a gantry crane perfect for your needs.

Play System

Create your new play system using DriveWorksXpress.

Power Pack

Pick a motor and select a pump, let DriveWorksXpress create a power pack for you.

Pressure Vessel

Enter your own sizes and let DriveWorksXpress create a pressure vessel for you.


Create a new section of railings based on rules, including our favourite, a Puppy Picket.

Shipping Container

Control the legal information printed on the side of the container like the payload and IP rating. Also control the height, length and color of the container.


Use this DriveWorksXpress Project to configure a Silo that is attached to a power unit. Determine the size of the Silo and the type of power pack.


Create straight, 90 Deg and U-shaped stairs as well as guard rails and a caged ladder.


Run the Project to create a completely custom wheelchair that is determined based on your anthropometric data. Then configure the color, seat padding and wheel design.


Enter dimensions required on the form and watch a new window being designed automatically.