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Introduction to using DriveWorks as a 3D sales configurator (BST)

Tuesday, 16th July 2024
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

DriveWorks Pro combines powerful SOLIDWORKS® part, assembly, and drawing automation with engaging 3D CPQ sales configurator features to enable manufacturers to implement a successful digital selling strategy, work smarter, reduce errors, and exceed customer expectations.

In this webinar, our product experts will share their knowledge of  using DriveWorks as a 3D sales configurator.

Learn how creating an online sales configurator with DriveWorks can help you to stay ahead of your competition, reduce costs, and win more business.

Respond to customer enquiries faster, improve customer experience with guided selling and 3D visualisation.

Help customers visualise configurable product options with images and interactive 3D previews. Communicate design details easily and spend more time solving customer challenges.

If this meeting time doesn’t work for you, we’re also meeting at 1pm AEDT – find out more and register here.