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Just Released: DriveWorks 18 SP2

We are excited to announce the release of DriveWorks 18 SP2.

DriveWorks 18 SP2 adds to the new features and enhancements added in DriveWorks 18 and DriveWorks 18 SP1.

In April 2020, we released DriveWorks 18, and presented about the new features and enhancements during Digital DriveWorks World.

Since then, we worked hard to release DriveWorks 18 Service Pack 1 which was released in October 2020.

Now we are pleased to announce we have released DriveWorks 18 Service Pack 2.

Less travel and more time in the office over the past few months has enabled us to dedicate a lot of time to work on adding new enhancements and updates to this service pack release.

DriveWorks 18 Service Pack 2 is now available to download from the brand new DriveWorks Community.

Download the latest version to make the most of the added functionality.

The New DriveWorks Community

We’ve built a brand new DriveWorks Community at

The DriveWorks Community is our user portal, bringing together DriveWorks users from around the world. The community is a place for our resellers, customers and partners to come together and find useful resources.

The DriveWorks Community includes many important downloads – including DriveWorks software and PowerPacks, learning and training materials and many other useful resources.

The new MyDriveWorks community includes improvements to the user experience, to make it easier for you to find the content you need.

We’ve personalised each page based on the software you have, so you only see what’s relevant to you.

We’ve improved the stability of downloads making them quicker and easier.

To access the content and the new software release, you will need to create a MyDriveWorks account, even if you had an account in the previous DriveWorks Community.

Download the Latest Release Now from the New DriveWorks Community

DriveWorks Resellers and Customers with an Active Subscription Support Contract can download DriveWorks 18 SP2 from the new DriveWorks Community.

Here’s what you’ll need to download the latest release:

  • A DriveWorks Community Account, if you haven’t yet created a new DriveWorks Community account, you can create one at
  • Pre-Requisites can be found in our Online Documentation.
  • DriveWorks 18 License Codes

Activate DriveWorks 18 in SOLIDWORKS 2021

You can activate DriveWorks Solo 18 and DriveWorks Pro 18 in the latest version of SOLIDWORKS, SOLIDWORKS 2021.

You can now load compatible applications into your SOLIDWORKS software for the current session, the next startup, or both.

The add-in applications must be installed on your computer.

To activate DriveWorks 18 in SOLIDWORKS 2021, navigate to ‘Tools’ and then select the ‘Add-in’s’ tab and find DriveWorks 18 under ‘Partner Gold Add-ins‘.

Important Information

  • We have tested the updates rigorously across Windows Operating Systems and latest versions of SOLIDWORKS to test compatibility.
  • As with any upgrade, remember to take a back up of your data!
  • The download should take no more than 30 minutes.
  • If you are working in a multi-user environment make sure you upgrade all of the DriveWorks Modules e.g. DriveWorks Administrator, Autopilot, any DriveWorks User licenses, DriveWorks Live and DriveWorks Pro Server.
  • Make sure you have your DriveWorks 18 license keys to hand.
  • More information is available in our Online Help File.