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Inspiring the Next Generation

Inspiring and Educating the Next Generation

As a business, we’re big advocates for digital transformation.

Most of our company processes are digital, enabling us to sell globally from an office in Warrington and keeping our team productive and efficient, even during this pandemic.

As we’ve settled into this new way of working, we have seen more than ever the importance of digital transformation.

We have been spending this time learning and sharing knowledge and we wanted to inspire the students of Cheshire and Warrington to do the same.

Working on CVs, researching companies and learning new skills are just some of the ways students can be preparing for their futures.

The local education community in Warrington have been really embracing digital.

The Pledge has been providing opportunities for students to learn and grow digitally and we’re proud to be a part of it!

What is The Pledge?

The Pledge Partnership puts employers at the heart of inspiring, informing and communicating with, the next generation of employees in Cheshire and Warrington.

The Pledge Partnership enables businesses to work together with educators to provide every young person living, studying and/or working in Cheshire and Warrington with everything they need to succeed in the world of work.

With the opportunity to develop employability-related skills and personal qualities whilst in education, there is a greater choice of employment, training or further education when they leave school.

The Pledge offers the opportunity for employers to work directly with young people, teachers, parents, carers and youth workers to help the local community identify the employment opportunities available.

Through the pandemic, The Cheshire & Warrington Pledge have been running online workshops and events for students and young people in the area.

Online Learning

Over the past few months, we have taken part in lots of different events as part of The Pledge Partnership.

We have been educating young people about how to be productive during this time and using it as an opportunity to add value to their future careers.

Thanks to the virtual learning platform Learn Live, we have been able to speak to thousands of students across the country – digitally of course.

This has included online events such as Inspiring the Next Generation, ‘Paving the Way’ Virtual Careers Festival, My Week of Work, the COVID-19 Response Week and talking about T-Levels.

For each session, Bridie from the DriveWorks team has presented and been available in the live chat facility for students to ask questions directly.

It has been great to be involved in these events and to see such a positive response from young people wanting to learn.

Our careers presentation can be accessed online on-demand, along with presentations from other businesses working to inspire the next generation of employees in Cheshire and Warrington here.

Sharing Experience

Along with Bridie, other members of the DriveWorks team have been sharing their own experiences of working at a digital company with the students.

During the ‘Paving the Way’ Virtual Careers Fair, DriveWorks placement student Tom presented about his year at DriveWorks.

Tom was able to talk about his experience and demonstrate one of the projects he has been working on – the Agricultural Silo Configurator Project, created with DriveWorks Solo.

One of our Technical Specialists, Oliver joined the My Week of Work event hosted by The Careers & Enterprise Company.

Featured in the Creative and Digital segment, Bridie and Oliver had the opportunity to discuss what it’s like to work at DriveWorks, sharing a day in the life of a digital company.

We’ve loved seeing so many businesses from across Warrington and Cheshire getting involved and giving students valuable insight into the world of work to help prepare them for the future.

Supporting Our Local Community

We’re committed to supporting education and investing in the future. We work closely with students and academia to help support and nurture the future of STEM.

We recently joined local Great Sankey High School Virtual Careers day to speak to year 12 students about skills development and the different employment sectors.

We also took part in a Learn Live session on T-Levels with Priestley College in Warrington. Priestley College is one of only 200 schools nationwide that will be launching the T-Levels in September 2020, and we are excited to be working closely with students and teachers to support the successful implementation of T-Levels.

Earlier this year, we welcomed nine students from local University Technical College (UTC) to join us for a day of work experience. The day was a great success and the feedback from all the students reflected this.

We are also proud to be supporting and donating to the Getting Students Online campaign, which aims to help get as many students as possible online quickly, so they can access online schooling, summer-camps and all-class activities.

Further Afield 

Careers Fairs

Our team regularly attend events to teach students about DriveWorksXpress and to inspire them to follow STEM careers.

University Training & Certifications

We work closely with a number of universities to take students through the free DriveWorksXpess Training & Certification. 

FIRST Robotics Competition

We are proud to be part of the FIRST® Robotics Competition, supporting teams with useful resources, learning opportunities and new skills. 

Improving Employability

Continue your learning from home and get ready for the world of work.

Follow our top tips to build on your knowledge and explore the world of work.