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Our Top Tips for Improving Your Employability From Home

Gain New Skills and Knowledge

Graduation for students across the world is a little different this year and it’s more important than ever to be thinking about your futures careers.

The pandemic has changed our lives and for some people, the future feels uncertain.

As many of us get used to new ways of working and studying, we wanted to show you how to take this opportunity to continue your learning and get ready for the world of work.

We have compiled a list of our top tips and tricks to help you to stay motivated at home. Gain new skills that will boost your CV and improve your employability. 

There are lots of resources out there that you can use to build on your knowledge and explore the world of work right from the comfort of your own home! 

Improving Employability

Here are some of our tips and tricks for improving your employability during this time.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Plan Your Day

Planning your day carefully means you can manage your time effectively and become more efficient. It will help you to prioritise tasks and avoid procrastinating.

Gain New Skills

Develop your Skills and Knowledge

There is a wide range of free online resources available currently, including online learning and courses that you can use to develop your skills and learn new skills.

Stay Up to Date

Follow the Latest Industry News

Stay up to date with the latest industry news and relevant topics by researching, reading articles, joining webinars and online events. Impress employers with your knowledge. 

Set Goals and Targets

Strive to Achieve

Set yourself manageable goals that you can work through and tick off once achieved. It will help you stay focused without adding too much pressure.

Show What You Can Do 

Develop Your Ideas

Have a personal project you’re working on. It will make you more determined to learn more and you’ll be able to talk passionately about it to employers, making you memorable.

Create an Online Presence

Promote Yourself

Make the most of social media networking platforms. Take this opportunity to show off what you’ve been working on and connect with others in your industry.

Join Industry Events

Get Involved

There are lots of virtual events taking place at the moment. There are many that are free to join. It’s a great way to open your eyes to the industry and meet others.

Build a Great CV

Stand Out

Make it exciting! Follow examples or tutorials on how to create a great CV and cover letter and make yours stand out from the crowd. Show your skills and personality.

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