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How We’re Making Our Offices Safer Ready to Welcome Everyone Back

We can’t wait to welcome our team back to the office 

On Thursday, 18th March 2020, we packed up our laptops and equipment as we prepared to start working from home. Little did we know the working from home would last a lot longer than the three weeks we initially expected.

As a company, we love being in the office together. Throughout the first lockdown, we made sure we could work from home successfully when we needed to, and that we stayed connected as a team.

We have remained fully operational throughout, selling and supporting our software across the globe throughout the pandemic.

On Thursday, 5th November, England entered a second lockdown. Then once again on Wednesday, 6th January, England went into a third national lockdown.

Just as we adjusted to the first lockdown, we adjusted to the next two.

Our investments in technology and our commitment to digital transformation meant that we are well set up for working remotely. Our transition to home working this past year and a bit has been smooth and successful.

Our team really embraced this entire time as an opportunity to improve, create and innovate.

After what has been a surreal year, we are excited to start welcoming our team back to DriveWorks HQ. Some of the DriveWorks team are already back in the office, but we’re returning in stages to keep each other safe. We’ve been working to make sure our offices are a safe and secure place for everyone.

We’re Getting Ready to Welcome Everyone Back 

We’ve made changes to our offices to make them safer for our team members when they feel ready to return.

We’re looking forward to welcoming our team back when we can.

We can’t wait to welcome our team back to the office

To make sure our offices are safe for our team to start returning, we have carried out a full risk assessment to help us to make sure we can all work safely and protect each other.

Whilst we have made a few changes to make our offices Covid-19 secure, some things haven’t changed.

Located at Laskey Lane, we have always had lots of different buildings and spaces for our team to work, hold meetings and enjoy time away from their desk. These spaces have made social distancing easier for us.

We also have plenty of outdoor seating at DriveWorks HQ which we are taking advantage of during the summer!

Cleaning and good hygiene are key to stopping the spread of Covid-19. The offices have always been cleaned daily, including communal areas and our own desks.

We even all have our own personal mugs with our names on them so that we don’t get mixed up!

How we’ve made the offices safer

We now have rapid Covid-19 testing kits available for our team to take home and use before they come into the office or see family and friends.

We have invested in non-contact thermometers in every building so our team members can take their temperature as an extra safety measure.

We have also introduced new visitor information signs, sanitiser stations outside each building, and antibacterial wipes in each building to help keep us safe.

We are making sure high-touch areas such as doors and kitchen appliances are cleaned frequently.

These are just some of the things we have changed to ensure our offices are safe for our team to return when they feel ready.

As we’re starting to see things get back to normal we’re committed to making our office safe to welcome everyone back.

Things are changing all the time so we will continue reviewing our spaces and update the policies based on the latest Covid-19 guidance.

We’re not all rushing back to the office but the right policies and equipment are in place ready for when everyone does return – and we can’t wait to all be together again!

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