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DriveWorks Reseller Awards 2021

DriveWorks is sold worldwide and supported locally by authorized and certified DriveWorks value-added resellers. Our resellers are dedicated to distributing our software and helping users to learn how to use DriveWorks within their business.

As DriveWorks integrates with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD, many of our 100+ Authorized Resellers are also among the best SOLIDWORKS Resellers in the world. They provide DriveWorks customers with one point of contact for CAD, PDM, Design Automation, and Sales Configurator / CPQ information and support.

We work closely with our resellers, and at DriveWorks World, took the opportunity to thank and recognize those that excelled in 2021.

DriveWorks 2021 Reseller Awards

DriveWorks World is an exciting event in the DriveWorks calendar. It’s where we get together with all members of our community.
We listen, we learn, and we share information with users, resellers, and partners.

During DriveWorks World 2022, DriveWorks Vice President, Maria Sarkar, and Commercial Director, Mark Sarkar hosted reseller-specific sessions to provide updates on our technology and to make sure our resellers are well placed to support our ever-growing number of users worldwide.

Maria and Mark were proud and excited to announce the winners of the DriveWorks Reseller Awards 2021.

Top-Selling Countries

DriveWorks software is sold worldwide and supported locally by authorized and certified DriveWorks Value Added Resellers.

From SMEs to multinationals, DriveWorks is used by businesses across many market sectors, including Architectural Components, HVAC, Materials Handling, Supply Chain and Transportation, to name just a few!

We have built a strong channel, with an international network of over 100 Value-Added Resellers across 59 countries, who work with us to sell and support our software.

2021 saw USA, Germany, and France take the top 3 spots in the ranking of top-selling countries.


DriveWorks reseller Tekyaz, based in Turkey started selling and supporting DriveWorks in 2020. Within the first year of sales, Tekyaz has achieved outstanding success and we’re proud to award them the top newcomer reseller award.

Most Engineers Certified

PLM Group represents DriveWorks in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden.
In 2021 we were delighted to provide DriveWorks training for PLM Group engineers spread across all 6 countries.

Additional Licences

Visiativ, HQ in France, help companies improve efficiency & business performance. Using DriveWorks they have helped engineering teams automate design processes & extend solutions to sales and beyond.

Top Resellers




In 2021 Coffee, became our #1 DriveWorks Reseller in Europe.

They are proud to have been offering customers in Germany the best technologies for optimal product development and production for over 25 years.

North America



With sales and technical support teams spread across the United States, mid-west head-quartered Computer Aided Technology Inc (CATI), has taken our 2021 award for #1 in North America. Congratulations!

South America



SKA in Brazil have been DriveWorks resellers for almost 20 years. They are regular attendees at DriveWorks physical and virtual events where they have honed their DriveWorks Technical knowledge. We are pleased to recognize them as #1 in South America.

Asia Pacific

Central Innovation


Central Innovation, is the parent company of Intercad, Australia & New Zealand’s leading distributor of SOLIDWORKS. They also have skilled expertise and support in DriveWorks too leading to their #1 Asia Pacific DriveWorks award.

We’re passionate about our software, we want our resellers to feel the same

Our company is built on innovative technology, high standards, and above all else the quality and commitment to our customer base and community.

This is something that we are keen to see spread across our dedicated resellers too.

We hope that by putting on awards like these, our resellers will feel recognised for their hard work and achievement.

We are passionate about our software and feel that it is important to boost everybodys knowledge about DriveWorks software, to help them get the most out of it, and get it into production quickly.

Going forward with our resellers

Moving forward, we want to continue to grow our relationships with our global reseller network.

Prior to the pandemic, we enjoyed frequently attending reseller events around the world. These were always a great opportunity to meet with resellers face to face, provide in-depth technical training and show them first-hand what we do at DriveWorks.

During the pandemic, all events and meetings moved online. This still gave us the chance to catch up with our resellers and deliver virtual training and support. During this time, we still held our annual technical training event DriveWorks World, quarterly DriveWorks Drivers networking meetings and even introduced new weekly Let’s Chat About technical discussion sessions.

As we move forward, we have already planned visits to some of our resellers and are looking forward to welcoming technical members of the reseller teams to our offices for training days.

Find Your Local Reseller

In addition to providing product support, DriveWorks Value-Added Resellers (VARs) also offer DriveWorks Training programs and can provide guidance on getting started.

If DriveWorks software sounds like something that could help optimise and automate your business, find authorised resellers near you.