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DriveWorks Drivers June 16th Meeting Round Up

DriveWorks Drivers connects DriveWorks Users from around the world to share technical know-how and practical experience informally with each other, withguest speakers sharing experiences and encouraging questions and dialogue about the technology.

16th June DriveWorks Drivers Meetings

On June 16th, we hosted the 2nd DriveWorks Drivers meeting of the year. During these meetings, we hosted technical presentations from the UK, France and the US. We had over 70 users registered for these meetings and some really good discussions were had on some of the technical insights being shared.

3pm (BST)

9pm (BST)

DriveWorks 20 Available

As the meeting started, Heather gave a few updates on our latest release, DriveWorks 20.

DriveWorks 20 was released in the Spring of 2022 following DriveWorks World 2022. DriveWorks Resellers and Customers with an Active Subscription Support Contract can download DriveWorks 20 from the MyDriveWorks Community, under the Download Software tab.

If you missed the Whats New in DriveWorks 20 presentation at DriveWorks World you can still watch it inside the DriveWorks Learning Portal and join the upcoming Let’s Chat About Session on What’s New.

Tom Wormald CPQ Presentation

Tom Wormald, DriveWorks Product Manager for CPQ, gave an overview of DriveWorks CPQ technology at both the 3 pm and 9 pm (BST) DriveWorks Drivers sessions. It was great to have Tom give some background on what CPQ is and why it may be something that you should consider.

He and gave a demonstration of the CPQ DriveApp (the prebuilt tool containing CPQ functionality within DriveWorks). The CPQ DriveApp is available to anyone with DriveWorks Pro.

Tom provided some resources on how customers can learn more through the DriveWorks Learning Portal, online help file topics, through your reseller or to get in touch with a member of our team.

EdgeTeam On-site Visit to DriveWorks

During the week of DriveWorks Drivers, we welcomed several representatives from DriveWorks Danish reseller, Edge-Team for on-site training and to meet more of the DriveWorks team.

Whilst our visitors were over, we thought it would be a great idea to invite one of them to feature in the meeting as our first in-person guest. After the meeting began, Bridie introduced Peder, Edge-Team’s Technical Manager to join for a quick chat.

It was really nice to hear from him and learn about what Edge-Team have been doing on-site as well as to share information on training that is available for our resellers.

Guest Presenters

Guest presentations are a big part of all DriveWorks Drivers meetings.
We know how important it is for our users to connect and share ideas, tips and tricks with each other.

Tips & Tricks Session

Dorian Koch, Simphonis

In the 3pm meeting, we welcomed Dorian from Simphonis. Dorian is an active member of the DriveWorks community who is frequently sharing his top DriveWorks tips and tricks on LinkedIn. It was great to have him join us at the DriveWorks Drivers meeting showcasing a DriveWorks sample project he has created as a way to show how to create a dynamic 3D configurator.

During his talk, Dorian walked through the several steps involved in creating this configurator and was able to show different parts of the DriveWorks technology including 3D Viewer, 3D File, and using Specification Macros.

DriveWorks CPQ Project Example – CPQ Gone Crazy

Paul Gimbel, Business Process Sherpa, Razorleaf

In the 9pm meeting, we welcomed Paul Gimbel from DriveWorks Partner, Razorleaf. Razorleaf had completed a DriveWorks CPQ implementation with a customer and Paul was able to share with the DriveWorks Drivers group their project.

He shared the goal of the implementation (which is an existing implementation) to improve performance, get drawings under control, implement best practices, track order history and add a few accessories.

They were able to identify that the CPQ DriveApp could do most of what the customer wanted and Paul walked through the additional customizations they worked on. He shared his experience of managing SQL data, adding ship to and salesperson data per order using custom fields, creating a custom Microsoft Word quote document, tracking salesperson information using external tables, and creating a BOM-style quote.

Discussion on Future Topics

DriveWorks Drivers meetings are a great way to engage in a discussion with users from across the DriveWorks Community to hear more about what they are doing with DriveWorks software.

The goal of DriveWorks Drivers has always been to help connect DriveWorks users from around the world and to have them drive the meeting. Getting feedback from our users on what they’d like to hear is key to achieving this goal.

If you have an idea for a future DriveWorks Drivers meeting, let us know.

Next DriveWorks Drivers Meeting

We’re already making plans for the next DriveWorks Drivers meeting. We’ll be sharing more tips and tricks and have more DriveWorks users joining us to share how they use DriveWorks.

The next DriveWorks Drivers meeting will be on Thursday, 8th September at 3pm and 9pm BST – hope to see you there!