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Women in Engineering Series: Nicole

As part of our Women in Engineering series to celebrate National Women in Engineering Day, we’re finding out more about some of the inspiring women we’re surrounded by…

Nicole – Manager of Systems Interface & Application

Name: Nicole
Job Title: Manager of Systems Interface & Application
Industry Type:Heavy Equipment Manufacturing


I studied engineering at University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. I worked CAD related jobs to put myself through college.
I have run 3 different SOLIDWORKS User Groups around the country. Worked in several heavy equipment manufacturing companies.
Worked as an Application Engineer instructing, implementing, and providing technical support for software.

Involvement in Engineering

My role as Manager of Systems Interface & Application is to ensure the streamlined operation of Manufacturing & Engineering Systems to create alignment with the business objectives of the organization.
I plan, coordinate, train and consult with all areas of the business in regards to software integration as it relates to information flow to and from the manufacturing environment.

Qualifications & Recognition

I was the 2015 SOLIDWORKS User Group Leader of the Year
I have the following SOLIDWORKS Certifications:

  • CSWPA-SM Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Sheet Metal
  • CSWPA-MT Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Mold Tools
  • CSWPA-WD Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional Advanced Weldments
  • Certified PDM Enterprise Support Technician
  • Certified SolidWorks Support Technician
  • Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional
  • CSWI-MD Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor Mechanical Design

“Take what you are passionate about and desire to be the best you can be in that area. Take being different from the norm in engineering and make it your own.”

Where Did Your Initial Interest in Engineering Come From?

My dad was a maintenance man by trade and his ability to fix things even when they were broken, peaked my interest at a very early age. I loved figuring out how things worked and what kept them working properly over time. Thus my passion of problem solving software and figuring out how to optimize situations was born.

What Advice Would You Give to Young Women Interested in Engineering?

Take what you are passionate about and desire to be the best you can be in that area. With that being said, get involved in STEM programs. Take as many higher level math and science classes as you can. Dont underestimate yourself or your abilities. Take being different from the norm in engineering and make it your own.

If You Weren’t an Engineer What Would You Be?

The other avenues I was interested in at the time that decision was made were Culinary School and Photography. If I were to pick something different now, it would be to follow my passion for inventions. I currently have several patents pending.