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Winder Power – From DriveWorks Solo to DriveWorks Pro Case Study

Winder Power standardize design process and reduce lead time using DriveWorks

Winder Power specialises in the design, build, deploymentand management of power transformers and distributiontransformers. They serve a wide range of customers in theutilities, renewable energy, and industrial sectors acrossthe UK and internationally.

Why DriveWorks?

Before using DriveWorks, Winder Power designed to orderusing SOLIDWORKS, design tables and equation basedparts.

Winder Power began with DriveWorks Solo and thenupgraded to DriveWorks Pro. They have found that themove to DriveWorks Pro has allowed them to merge theirexisting DriveWorks Solo projects together, which hasstreamlined the interface for their users.

We have also taken advantage of the additionalfunctionality available within DriveWorks Pro in order todirectly extract information from excel spreadsheets thatexist elsewhere in our organization. Luke Beeson – Mechanical Design Engineer.

Who Uses DriveWorks at Winder Power?

Winder Power are currently using DriveWorks in theirengineering department for generating models anddrawings for several components within their designprocess.

These include:
– Full transformer assemblies
– Transformer active part clamp systems
– Oil conservators
– Cooler bank A-Frames
– Transformer rating plates

These components are all based on standardised designrules and are either generated complete with the drawingsand assemblies, or partially generated. The partiallygenerated projects are then developed to completion bytheir engineers.

The Benefits

DriveWorks Pro has allowed Winder Power to designcomponents in much shorter time frames, with reducederrors due to the more rigid design process. Therefore theycan offer their customers a reduced product lead time.

Overall the main benefits of using DriveWorks for WinderPower are the time savings and also the ability to buildfixed design methodology into their projects.

Merging projects further and adding additionalfunctionality is a continuous process for us now, and Iestimate we add additional functionality at least everycouple of months. We are also currently looking intowhat benefits DriveWorks Pro can offer differentdepartments outside of engineering.