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Vogel’s Reduce Product Development Costs with DriveWorks Pro

Vogel’s is reducing product development costs while maintaining quality, with DriveWorks Pro

Based in the Netherlands, Vogel’s offers installation solutions for audio and video equipment in business settings. Vogel’s provides secure tablet holders, rotating monitor stands and display solutions for numerous meeting rooms, public spaces and offices.

Before Implementing DriveWorks

Typically, each contract means a new and often complex product needs to be custom designed, complete with detailed SOLIDWORKS manufacturing data and drawings.

When drawing up a video wall, Vogel’s would have to combine many different components which costs an engineer a lot of time. This valuable time could be spent developing new products.

Creating Quality Products with Rules-Based Automation

Since integrating DriveWorks software into their production process in 2019, Vogel’s is continuing to make their quality products faster. This is saving development time and reducing costs.

Ralf Leenders, Product Developer at Vogel’s explains “to develop a configuration, we make a lot of specifications that we test often and a lot”.
DriveWorks Autopilot software enables engineering to carry out this testing in the background, allowing for more time to do further product development.

Automation makes it easier to check for errors. Vogel’s are able to tackle mistakes quickly and implement improvements. It’s easier for designers to implement customizations on products. Customers are satisfied with the flexibility Vogel’s can offer.

document automation thumbnail

Automated Document Generation

Using DriveWorks as a sales configurator provides Vogel’s team with fast, accurate documentation. Their sales team fill out the configurator, a complete product is put together and the customer receives a quote, 3D visualisation and the bill of materials in record time.


Integrating with SOLIDWORKS PDM

“Based on the calculation rules, we configure a 3D CAD model. We make ‘simplified parts’ of this and store them in SOLIDWORKS PDM.  A video wall of these parts is eventually configured.”

– Ralf Leenders, Product Developer at Vogel’s.

As a result of implementing DriveWorks software, Vogel’s has given its sales department and customers a powerful tool. Paul Grolle, Head of Product Development Centre at Vogel’s concludes:

“The complex matter of our video walls are well defined and specified with this tool.”

Thank you to DriveWorks reseller, CAD2M for sharing Vogel’s story with us.

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