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Vallourec Optimizes Processes with DriveWorks Pro

Implementing DriveWorks has delivered better reactivity, efficiency and quality for customer service for Vallourec.

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Vallourec is a world leader in premium tubular solutions, primarily serving the energy markets, such as Oil, Gas and Powergen. Their expertise also extends to various other industry sectors. They have manufacturing facilities in several countries including Brazil, France, The Netherlands, The United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Before Implementing DriveWorks

For Vallourec, the customer is at the heart of their organization and reactivity and efficiency of customer service are key to their success. They were attracted to DriveWorks due to its ability to optimize their processes, from the customer’s request to the delivery of the product/service. Also due to how easily DriveWorks can be customized and developed directly by business resources as a “user-driven” tool. DriveWorks was originally implemented in the Vallourec Netherlands office as a proof of concept, it incorporated all drawings and documentation from the sale to the invoice.

Following promising results, Vallourec decided to extend the use of DriveWorks throughout their whole Drilling Products Division, which covers multiple functionalities, product lines and plants.

Saving Time, Reducing Errors and Improving Customer Service

Since using DriveWorks, Vallourec say that they have “better reactivity, efficiency and quality for customer service.” DriveWorks has helped Vallourec to improve and accelerate their production and sales processes by:

• Improving lead-times, thanks to time saved elsewhere during the design stages.
• Improving information consolidation
• Reducing errors and avoiding data crunching
• Increase of information quality

Quotes are then approved by their engineering department before being sent to the customer, along with drawings, as part of their contract review procedure.

Some of Vallourec's products helped to be made by design automation and CPQ tool, DriveWorks.

At Vallourec’s Netherlands office, DriveWorks is now the main tool for quotations and is used by their sales representatives as part of the workflow.

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Reducing Costs with Even More Product Variations

Vallourec use DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS together to help them reduce the cost of customized designs, accelerate sales enquiry response times and allow more options and product variations.

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Enhancing Customer Service

Vallourec have significantly reduced their production launch time and intend to go even further with their process improvement to enhance their customer service.

With DriveWorks, all of Vallourec’s products are designed to meet the most demanding specifications for today’s drilling challenges.

See What You Can Achieve with DriveWorks

Explore our online product configurator examples to see the many different ways DriveWorks can be used for design automation and digital selling.