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Training at DriveWorks HQ – Building Skills and Knowledge

Learningis really encouraged forour personal development here at DriveWorks and providing training for others is also an essential part of what we do.

Last weeka few of us benefited from Photoshop training and Maria asked us to think about how it was delivered, the material supplied and compare it to our own DriveWorks Solo and Pro Training material course content, style and delivery.

An external trainer joined us at the Barley Store to delivera two day training course to help us sharpen our Photoshop skills. Jess, myselfand two of our tech guys, Rob and Chris were on the course.

As a group we hadhad varying degrees of experience with Photoshop. Rob and Chris had already usedPhotoshop at college and at DriveWorks but Jessica and Iwere quite new to the software.

People who take DriveWorks training invariably have a broad range of experienceand our own material has to cater for engineers who havehad a go with DriveWorks Solo and peoplewho are completely new to the software and Design Automation.

The Photoshop trainer started by explaining the many tools available in the package. This was really useful as it was an introduction to the tools for the girls, a handy refresher for the boys and a chance for everyone to pick up some keyboard shortcuts and best practices. The content was really relevant to the functionality we were looking to master and we were soon working with layers and special effects.

Wewhizzed through the training and actually ended up covering what was planned for the two days in just one day.

With DriveWorks Pro Training there is a basic structure of lessons that cover core concepts and these lessons are supported with additional exercises and more advanced tasks which can be very useful in mixed ability classes.

The trainer asked us what we would like to coverand this gave us the opportunity to spend the second day focusing on the more advanced features and functionalities of Photoshop.

We were asked tobring along any projects wewere working on and apply ournew Photoshop skills. It was really useful to pick the trainers brain and ask him to show us more examples of special effects.

Look out for our new skills appearing in our marketing collateral and DriveWorks configurator demos!

Images created during the two day training – some of which will be used in our new demo materials, coming soon!

After the training, when Maria asked us forfeedback on the course and materials provided,it was really useful to think about how DriveWorks’ trainingis delivered and how we can make it as easy as possible. The Photoshop coursewas very informative however, weall commented that itwould have benefited from having morestructure and some exercises ortutorials to follow so we couldpractice each feature.

One of our mottos here at DriveWorks is Helping Others to Help Themselves so we work hard to provide resources that make DriveWorks easy to learn and easy to use. We have spent a lot of time making our training manuals straightforward and easy to follow and ensuring our training at reseller events, SOLIDWORKS World and DriveWorks World are all well planned with plenty of extra lessons for those who finish the training early.

With this motto/goal in mind, we have created a range oftrainingresources to cater for different learning styles and different situations – whether it is DriveWorks Reseller-led training, online training or courses at DriveWorks World.You can view some of our materials here:video clips, webinars, sample projects, tutorials, help files, tech tips and forums.

As we prepare for DriveWorks World 2016, I know that the feedback from our own training experiences will be considered and will help us make sure that all our delegates really benefit.

“It was really great and I learnt some new tips and tricks which Ive already used.”

“I found the Photoshop training really useful and I’m excited to use my new skills and create some images.”

“I think the two days were beneficial as Photoshop is a tool that you need to use for that period of time to get used to it.”

“The training was really useful and will help me a lot in my role. I’m looking forward to using what I have learnt.”