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A Tour of the DriveWorks Pro Help File and Resources

Familiarise yourself with the many DriveWorks Pro Resources available.

Helping others to help themselves is the DriveWorks philosophy. In order for others to help themselves well, we are continuously improving The DriveWorks Pro help resources. They continue to get better with each new Service Pack.

On the 18th of December, the Tech Team Thursday webinar will be hosted by Ian, responsible for all of the DriveWorks Technical Documentation.

Ian will take you on a tour of the DriveWorks Pro help resources including:

Accessing and searching the Help File.
Accessing, searching and posting in the Forum.
Accessing Training material.
Registering for upcoming Webinars
Accessing and viewing past Webinars and How To Videos.

This Webinar will be a fantastic opportunity to explore the support materials available to DriveWorks Pro Users and DriveWorks Reseller Applications Engineers.

It will show you where to go to find the answers you need quickly and efficiently.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout the Webinar

Sign up now for the Webinar, to ensure you are familiar with the resources available so you can get the most from them.