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The Final Ascent at DriveWorks Drivers Meetings

A regular segment of the DriveWorks Drivers meetings, The Final Ascent is where Paul Gimbel takes a detailed look at a particular DriveWorks feature and addresses topics and questions raised by users in our community.

Its more than just a presentation; its a deep dive into the capabilities of DriveWorks.

Learn from DriveWorks Expert, Paul Gimbel

Paul Gimbel is an expert in design automation and all things DriveWorks. His wealth of knowledge and experience makes him the ideal guide for DriveWorks users looking to scale new heights in their use of DriveWorks. As the presenter of The Final Ascent, Paul brings a unique blend of technical expertise and practical insights, enabling you to take your DriveWorks implementation to the next level.

A picture of Paul Gimbel, DriveWorks Sherpa.

Conquering The Final Ascent

  1. Advanced Techniques Explained: Explore advanced DriveWorks techniques, going beyond just the basics. From integrations to lambda functions, youll discover new practical insights that can make a real difference to your DriveWorks projects.
  2. Real-World Applications: The Final Ascent looks at real-world applications and shows how these techniques can be applied to real-world projects. This practical approach resonates with participants, providing tangible solutions to real challenges.
  3. Interactive Learning: Participants are encouraged to engage with the content, ask questions, and share their experiences.
  4. Problem-Solving Strategies: The Final Ascent is fast becoming a recognized platform for problem-solving, helping DriveWorks users optimize their use of DriveWorks.

Watch Previous Final AscentSegments On-Demand

To make it easy for you to find and watch previous recordings of the Final Ascent, we’ve put a video of each one in the DriveWorks Learning Portal.

You can access the Learning Portal in the MyDriveWorks Community. If you dont already have a MyDriveWorks account, its quick, easy and free to create one.

Once youve set up your MyDriveWorks account,log in to the MyDriveWorks Community, and go to the learning tab to access the Learning Portal. You’ll find all of the Final Ascent recordings in the DriveWorks Pro section of the portal.

Here are the Final Ascent topics that you can find now in the Learning Portal:

Lambda Functions

Go through a basic explanation of what Lambda Functions are before diving into how to use them (and how NOT to use them!) while providing a variety of examples to demonstrate everything from basic Lambda Functions for simplifying your rules all the way to advanced recursive functions for processing lists and tables.

DriveWorks 21 Forms Technology

Explore the new Web Forms Technology in DriveWorks 21. Find out about the technology involved, and most importantly, the fact that most users may not notice any differences. Learn about a few of the subtle differences (literally a few pixels), and what they mean for existing implementations.

Mountain with a path plotted out to the summit with a flag at the top


Take a look at the three categorizations of integrations, how that helps you to determine which DriveWorks techniques and functionality to use, and how to evaluate the requirements of your integrations.

Host Specifications

Explore what Specification Hosts are and see some examples of how they can be used, including a modular user interface, a Project Updater project, a Library Generation project, and a Testing Automation project.

DriveWorks Live

Find out more about a variety of topics surrounding DriveWorks Live and Internet Information Services, covering everything from the basics to troubleshooting, customization and even performance tuning techniques.

Registration is now open – join us for the March DriveWorks Drivers meeting

The next DriveWorks Drivers meeting will be on 14th March and will run at two different times to suit most time zones 3pm (NZDT) and 3pm (GMT).

This is a virtual networking event so you can join from anywhere.

The meeting will be held via Microsoft Teams and will last around 60 minutes.

There will of course be another Final Ascent segment, and you can have your say about which topic you’d like to see Paul cover. Place your vote here.

Follow the link below to register through the DriveWorks Community – you will need a MyDriveWorks account. Don’t worry if you dont have an account yet, its quick and easy to create one.

Click the session you would like to join. You willautomatically be registered and we’ll send you a confirmation email, including a calendar invitation and link to join the meeting.

Thursday, 14th March 2024

Join us at 3pm NZDT

Thursday, 14th March 2024

Join us at 3pm GMT