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The Benefits of Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the adoption of digital technologies. Adopting digital technologies is enabling companies to:

  • increase efficiency
  • improve accuracy
  • streamline business to consumer relations
  • boost speed
  • innovate

Digital transformation is essential to keep up with competitors and customer expectations.

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Digitalization doesn’t always look the same. For some, the answer may be as simple as replacing a paper document with an online spreadsheet. While for others, the goal may be to digitize every part of the organization.

No matter the goal for digital transformation, the key is to pick a suitable strategy. One that suits your organization’s current aims, with the ability to scale when appropriate.

56% of CEOs say digital improvements have led to increased revenue. But it’s not just revenue that’s important, there are many more benefits of going digital.

The Key Benefits of Digital Transformation for Organizations

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Improving Communication & Promoting Collaboration

Strong links and good communication between teams across an organization is essential. It helps reduce errors that may occur as a result of teams sharing data and information. When data is shared manually, there is too much room for error. Errors can be costly, and have an impact on team morale.

Automating and digitizing internal business processes increases productivity and improves customer experiences. Teams who collaborate effectively are more productive. They have more time for creativity and adding value.

Digital processes result in a seamless customer experience, throughout the entire buying journey.

Enabling Future Digital Growth & Higher Company Agility

Digital processes make it easier for organizations to anticipate and adapt to changes. It also provides better opportunities for planning, implementing and nurturing new strategies.

Organizations couldn’t have predicted or prepared for the covid-19 pandemic. However, those who had already embraced digital technologies were quicker to adapt. The digital-savvy companies were able to operate during difficult times, and were able to survive.

The pandemic encouraged more companies to use digital technologies. The benefits achieved inspired them to continue with their digital journey afterwards too. 86% of companies who implemented digital technologies as a result of the pandemic will continue to accelerate their adoption of digital.

In the current climate companies are looking for ways to do more with less. An increasing skills gap makes it harder for companies to hire. Increasing business costs also means companies cannot always increase their recruitment budget.

These challenges shouldn’t restrict growth – digital technologies are key to getting the most from existing resources and people.

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Improved Customer Experience

Technology is changing the way consumers and businesses research and buy products. Digital technologies enable more immersive buying experiences. Customers can make changes, personalize options and visualize their selections. This detailed information eliminates costly and time-consuming changes later on in the process.

Automation means buying journeys are also faster and less prone to errors. Connecting data between company systems results in accurate pricing and delivery information. Order details can be sent directly to manufacturing, speeding up lead times and improving accuracy.

Customer expectations are higher than ever. Digital transformation enables organizations to meet rising customer demands, in a profitable way, without needing huge teams and budgets.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Good data is a vital part of digital transformation. Data and analysis enable organizations to make informed decisions and improve efficiencies.

Using the right data at the right part of a process results in better information and better accuracy. Connecting data and automating tasks across an organization increases operational and economic efficiency. Customer experiences are also improved as lead times are shorter and errors reduced. Team members are more productive and have better job satisfaction.

Digital transformation results in fewer errors, a more productive workforce, reduced overhead costs, and more opportunities to make improvements.

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A photo of Glen Smith leaning against a brick wall

Glen Smith

CEO, DriveWorks Ltd

“Adopting Digital Transformation is one way of enabling any business to compete in a global market. Passing and translating data seamlessly internally and externally compresses process time, and reduces (and in some cases eliminates) errors. It allows mundane repetitive tasks to be automated and means that there is more time for humans to do what WE do best, interact, communicate and innovate.”

How are DriveWorks Customers Benefitting from Embracing Digital Transformation? 

A graphic showing the benefits that DriveWorks customer, KARACA GEMI has experienced. It states "Errors in the design to manufacturing process are significantly reduced, due to DriveWorks automation software'', ''Anyone within the company can configure a new specification for a customer, even if they haven't used the programme before'', ''KARACA GEMI's customers receive a 3D model of their requested product and a Bill of Materials'', and a quote stating ''Unnecessary time wasting is behind us and we can use this gained time to do more research & development"

KARACA GEMI, based in Turkey, design and develop specialised glass for a range of ships around the world.

Since implementing DriveWorks Solo in June 2021, KARACA GEMI have achieved a number of goals:

  • Reducing the time taken to create 3D drawings of specified parts
  • Automatically generating accurate and relevant documents 
  • Reducing the number of errors during the manufacturing process
  • Their customer inquiry response time is faster and there are fewer errors in the design to manufacturing process.
  • DriveWorks’ document generation capabilities means all the desired files are automatically generated and named and ordered correctly.
  • They can guide the customer through the product options on the configurator, and submit an accurate order straight to the design team.

Find out more about how KARACA GEMI are automating with DriveWorks here.