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Testing Our Problem Solving Skills at ClueHQ

A DriveWorks visit to ClueHQ to test our problem solving skills.

Having good problem solving skills is really important for every member of the DriveWorks team, especially for the tech team working who work with our resellers to support their customers.

Last night, these skills were put to the test when we visited ClueHQ in Warrington.

Clue HQ is a real life escape room game. The rooms are full of clues, riddles, locks and puzzles.

We were split into three groups and challenged to escape the rooms within one hour. Using team work and initiative we needed to get out as fast as we could.

The three DriveWorks groups were challenged to escape from Bunker 38, The Vault and The Dungeon of Doom.


Bunker 38

Glen, Phil, Maria, Nicola and Simon faced the challenge of Bunker 38.

They were locked in an underground bunker following a ‘radiation leak’. With only 60 minutes of breathable air remaining they had to find their way out quickly.

They were successful and escaped the room in time!

The Vault

Sarah, Jane, Matt, Wesley and Thomas were locked in The Vault.

They needed to grab as much cash (in casino chips) as possible from The Vault, and escape in time.

They were successful too – they managed to escape with a whopping 贈4,500,00!

The Dungeon of Doom

Colin, Rob, Dave, Gemma and Chris faced the most difficult of all of the challenges The Dungeon of Doom!

Their challenge was to break in to the dungeon of doom, break out their friend who had been wrongly sentenced to death and then all get out together before the guard patrolled the area again.

Unfortunately they didn’t make it out. They are now locked in the Dungeon of Doom forever and we’re missing 5 members of the DriveWorks team.

Just kidding, Clue HQ were kind enough to let them out and we all enjoyed some dinner together afterwards!