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Supporting International Growth & Adding Experience to the DriveWorks Team

Investing for the Longer Term

We’re on a journey to bring out the best in everyone across our team, and for the customers we serve in our ever-changing and challenging world.

The DriveWorks user and reseller communities continue to expand at pace, and we are pleased to welcome several new members to our team.

Common goals, collaboration, and shared knowledge are what make DriveWorks the leading design automation and sales configurator choice for manufacturing companies across more than 50 countries.

How Our Team Is Growing

Get to know the newest members of the DriveWorks Team.

Supporting Growth in Our International Community

Andy, Yuan, and Paul have joined the DriveWorks team to support our international resellers and customers.

Mechanical Engineers, Andy and Yuan have both completed their DriveWorks training, and are already using their Cantonese and Mandarin to translate resources and help facilitate relations with our Chinese-speaking resellers and customers. Both are DriveWorks Solo and Pro Certified and now assisting our resellers with technical support and customer meetings.

Paul has joined the team having been a DriveWorks advocate for many years. With previous reseller and implementation experience, he is already a well-established member of the DriveWorks community. His passion for technology and his dedication to learning, combined with his vast knowledge of DriveWorks, make him a fantastic addition to our team. Based in the US, and already known across the community, we know Paul will help support our resellers and users across North America.

Look out for Paul, our DriveWorks Sherpa, in the DriveWorks Forums, at DriveWorks Drivers networking meetings, and presenting at DriveWorks World.






Adding Experience

With so much growth to plan and manage, Chartered Accountant, Mike, has joined the Leadership Team as Head of Finance. A super numerate Chartered Accountant, he of course loves a good spreadsheet! He’s also very familiar with the benefits of Digital Transformation, so we’re not at all surprised how easily he’s picked up rules-based DriveWorks. He especially likes the way we use our own software to automate so much of what we do inside our own business.

Meanwhile, we’ve added experience in other teams too. Nathan has joined our Development team to work on our next major release, DriveWorks 21.

Personal Development and Career Opportunities

Thanks to our well-established Internship Program we are pleased to welcome back 3 new graduates.

Ryan and Sophie both completed placements with us during the challenging Covid lockdown period, and both have returned as Graduate Engineers to support both our Technical and Marketing teams.

Meanwhile, Adam had joined us for work experience prior to university and we were delighted to welcome him back as a Graduate Software Developer.

We will support them as they enhance their technical knowledge, they will have the opportunity to work towards further qualifications if they wish and they will participate in cross-departmental projects to broaden their commercial experience.

With new hires, comes additional responsibilities and new opportunities for existing team members too. We are keen to provide career progression and rewards through mentoring, management, and specialisms in more areas.




Life at DriveWorks

Theres a lot more going on than initially meets the eye in our converted agricultural buildings, just outside Warrington.

From a recording studio to a training room and even a social rec area, our collaborative spaces offer everything we need to inspire innovation and big ideas.

Its not just location and physical space thats important, we care about each individual, about learning and development and having the right tools and technologies to work smarter.

The ideas and opinions of everyone in our team matter. Whether its a suggestion about our software, our environment, or even the type of teabags we have, we listen and we act.

From the mugs we drink from to the shirts we wear, to the software we develop and the relationships we build, we are proud of who we are and what we do.

Ready for a New Challenge? Join Us!
Were always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

If you would like to work in a challenging and fun environment, where your contribution towards the future of our award-winning software and team is valued, encouraged and supported, get in touch.