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Why You Should NOT Make New Configurations Using Your SolidWorks Master Model

Why doesn’t DriveWorks create new configurations in your SolidWorks master model?

DriveWorks creates brand new copies of your master files andall changes are made to these files, but why do things this way? The reasons are outlined below:


Issue 1

By adding configurations to your SolidWorks master model you are increasing the data stored within the file, resulting in the master assembly file getting VERY BIG, VERY QUICKLY! If you ever needed to send this to anyone, the massive file would be difficult to move around.

DriveWorks Solution 1

DriveWorks takes a copy of your master models, the file size does not increase. As DriveWorks takes a copy of the files and works on those, the files can be easily transferred from machine to machine without having to worry about anyone else having a copy of your master data.

Issue 2

If you are working with your SolidWorks master models and all your automated design configurations are kept within one file – if anything happens to this file (e.g. it gets deleted or becomes corrupt during the creation of a new configuration) all yourmaster model data could be lost.

DriveWorks Solution 2

DriveWorks does not do anything to your master models, other than take a copy of the files. This ensures you will never run the risk of corrupting or losing all of your master model data when creating new configurations.

Issue 3

Using configurations also limits the interaction you have with drawings.

DriveWorks Solution 3

As DriveWorks creates brand new files, it also can create brand new drawings that reference these new files, this ensures the correct models appear on the drawing. DriveWorks also gives you the tools and ability to have a high level of control of the final drawing sheet, by controlling elements such as: the scale of the drawing views, any annotations that appear on the drawing and also custom properties in the drawing.