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Building Our DriveWorks Shuffleboard

How We Built Our Shuffleboard

Our annual DriveWorks Summer Party is getting closer and the games we have been building are nearly finished.

One of the games we planned to make was shuffleboard ambitious, but we like a challenge!

Shuffleboard is a game we have played many times on our trips to the US, most recently we played it in Chicago during DriveWorks World 2019.

As its not a game thats played in the UK, the biggest challenge wasnt making the shuffleboard, it was sourcing the shuffleboard wax!

After lots of searching, trying to source shuffleboard wax in the UK, we called in Heather from the DriveWorks team who is based in Boston. Heather was able to find the wax easily in the US and had it ready for Glen and Marias recent trip to visit SOLIDWORKS.

After a few laughs from the TSA, Glen and Maria were able to bring the shuffleboard wax back to the UK and on Sunday afternoon the shuffleboard building began!

DriveWorksWorld2019-ThursdayEvening (16)

The Aim:
Simply slide, by hand all of your shuffleboard weights down the board without them falling off into the alley. Taking it in turns, knocking your opponient off the board, the winner is the one whos weights are furthest down the board.

Starting with a trip to the DIY store and a steady journey back, Glen and Thomas made a start on the DriveWorks shuffleboard.


Spending Sunday afternoon working on the table, our shuffleboard was nearly compelete.


The next challenge was getting the shuffleboard table to DriveWorks HQ.

With abit of help from the pick up truck and our willing volunteers, the table arrived as good as new!

After the final addition of some shuffleboard wax and numbers for scoring, our table is now in place and ready to play!

Finished Shuffleboard

Look out for more photos of us playing the games at our summer party!