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Share Your Story at DriveWorks World 2024

Customer Presentations at DriveWorks World 2024

Every year customer presentations are a key part of DriveWorks World, and we actively encourage our customers, partners, and resellers to share their DriveWorks experiences.

The presentations are a great way for DriveWorks users to share insights, ideas, and practical tips as part of a collaborative learning environment.

Submissions are now open for presentations at DriveWorks World 2024and we’d love to hear from you.

Why Present?

DriveWorks World is a place to exchange ideas, knowledge, and real-world experiences. Its a valuable opportunity for us to get a better understanding of how our customers use DriveWorks, and for our user community to learn and inspire each other.

The presentations are a real bonus for both the DriveWorks team and the DriveWorks community. Watching them helps us to ensure that our software meets the changing needs of our customers and at the same time, DriveWorks World attendees get inspiration and insights for their own DriveWorks implementations.

Presenting at DriveWorks World not only allows you to tell us more about your company and how you use DriveWorks but also means that you get DriveWorks community input and feedback for your future projects.

Wed Love to Hear Your DriveWorks Story

We welcome contributions from customers, resellers, and partners, showcasing practical applications of DriveWorks.

Whether it’s a customer sharing their project, a reseller presenting a standout demo, or a partner collaborating on a customer project, wed love to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be a complete DriveWorks implementation that you show – it could be a small example of one aspect of your project, or just something cool you would like to share.

How you share your story is also up to you. It could be a traditional presentation or an interview-style Q&A session with one of our team. We encourage open-sharing and what you include in your customer story is down to you. It can be as detailed or concise as you like.

Its your DriveWorks story and wed love to hear it.

Submit Your Presentation

Do you have a DriveWorks story youd like to share at DriveWorks World 2024?

Submissions are now open!

We invite you to submit your presentation proposal to the DriveWorks team who will be reviewing and shortlisting entries.

Click the button below and log in to your MyDriveWorks Community account. If you’re already registered, you will see a button inviting you to Present at DriveWorks World 2024.

Join the DriveWorks Community at DriveWorks World 2024 – April 10th-11th

DriveWorks World 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s a community-driven celebration of innovation, knowledge-sharing, and technical expertise for DriveWorks users and resellers.

This is your opportunity to join hundreds of other DriveWorks community members from around the world to share knowledge, hear about the latest updates and learn how to get the very best from DriveWorks.

DriveWorks World 2024 will be hosted virtually and tickets are free for all DriveWorks customers with active subscription, reseller technical staff and authorised DriveWorks partners.

Register For DriveWorks World 2024 Today

If you haven’t registered yet then what are you waiting for?

Registration is easy using your MyDriveWorks Community Account.

If you dont already have a MyDriveWorks Community account, its quick, easy and free tocreate one.

Once youve registered, youll also have the option to register your interest in presenting at DriveWorks World 2024. Sharing stories on how DriveWorks is used or highlighting a particular area of technology is an important part of the knowledge sharing at DriveWorks World and we would love to hear from you.