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Saving Time and Focusing on Important Tasks With DriveWorksXpress

Oasis Trailer Mfg Ltd has been manufacturing custom trailers in Rolling Hills, Canada since 2006.

We recently caught up with Draftsman Jake Loewen to see how theyve been using DriveWorksXpress to speed up their design process.

Implementing DriveWorksXpress

Oasis Trailers build mostly custom trailers and focus on custom welding.

Jake has been using DriveWorksXpress for over a year and has implemented the software to create correct manufacturing drawings for the axles.

Building the Form

Using DriveWorksXpress, Oasis Trailers have created a simple form where they enter three inputs. These inputs automate the requirements for the Hub Face, the Spring Center and the Wheel Options of the axles.

Oasis Trailers have also taken advantage of the different form building options in DriveWorksXpress, using both the drop-down and spin button feature.

Each time a new specification is entered on the form, DriveWorksXpress works in the background to calculate the rules and drive the SOLIDWORKS model.

Before DriveWorksXpress this would be 20 minutes of repetitive work.

Using DriveWorksXpress, they have cut this time down to just 5 minutes at most.


Through implementing DriveWorksXpress, Oasis Trailers have experienced several benefits, including:

  • Saving both time and effort
  • Focusing time on more important tasks
  • No rules to remember
  • Getting the job done quicker and more efficiently


When setting up the projects, Jake took advantage of the free DriveWorksXpress resources, such as the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification and the DriveWorksXpress Getting Started Webinar to advance his knowledge of the software.

Activate to Automate

DriveWorksXpress is included free inside every license of SOLIDWORKS. Activate your license in the SOLIDWORKS tools menu, using your MySolidWorks account.