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Rounding Up A Great Week of SWUG Meetings!

Last week Heather, who is involved in running the SWUGN sponsorship program here at DriveWorks,hit the road again for another week long SWUGN tour. This time, she was on a road trip that took her to both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Mid-Atlantic Independent SOLIDWORKS User Group

“On Tuesday afternoon, we arrived in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania. We met up with Mid-Atlantic Independent SOLIDWORKS User Group (MARISUG) leader Jeff Holliday. We met at an establishment called the Amish Experience as both Jeff and his wife Susan conduct tours of the Amish country in their spare time. We were treated to a two-hour driving tour of the area and learned a lot about the Amish culture and community.”

“That evening, I presented at the MARISUG meeting in Skippack, Pennsylvania. The meeting was well attended and users learnt how they can start to automate some of their designs using DriveWorks. They also learnt about our new DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification program. Someone from the meeting that evening became certified the very next day – congratulations!”

“Jeff Holliday won the ‘DriveWorks SWUGN User Group Leader of the Year’ at SOLIDWORKS World 2017 in LA. As part of this award, Jeff configured his own custom-made razor handle. I had a chance to see the finished product during my visit congratulations again Jeff!”

Central New Jersey SOLIDWORKS User Group

“The Central New Jersey shore was buzzing with activity when we arrived on Wednesday. This part of New Jersey is home to places like Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen, the East Street Band, Bon Jovi and the Asbury Jukes. Its also home of the Central New Jersey SOLIDWORKS User Group and Shawn Casebolt, the group leader.”

“Shawn is the Design Engineer for PL Custom Emergency Vehicles, which is both a SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks customer. Shawn gave us a tour of the PL Custom Emergency Vehicles site before the meeting. It was a great chance to see both SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks working together to create these emergency vehicles.”

“When I present on DriveWorksXpress, it’s exciting for me to show a tool that engineers can start to use right away. Shawn and some of the others from PL Custom added to the discussion that evening and shared on their own experience of working with DriveWorks.”

South Central New Jersey SOLIDWORKS User Group

“The last stop on my journey through the Mid-Atlantic states was to visit the South-Central New Jersey SOLIDWORKS User Group (SCNJSUG). While this meeting may have been the smallest in attendance, they made up for it in their energy and engagement!”

“There was a lot of discussion around DriveWorksXpress and its functionality. There were also many interested in the DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification.”

“Special thanks to the SWUG leaders Jeff Holliday, Shawn Casebolt and Jose Umana for working with me to make this DriveWorks SWUGN Tour a success!” – Heather.