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PS DOORS Triple Throughput and Provide Custom Drawings Quickly Using DriveWorks

PS DOORS was established in 1974 and theyre located in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Theyre an industry leading manufacturer of safety and fall protection products (PS Safety Access), flood protection products (PS Flood Barriers) and industrial doors (PS Access Solutions).

The company manufactures custom products to cover openings and transitions for a variety of reasons and in a number of different ways. They serve a wide range of industries including: military, oil & gas, agricultural, food processing and manufacturing.

DriveWorks is a perfect fit for PS DOORS as they have a range of standard products that can also be customizedtheyre the same but different.

Increasing Throughput

When PS DOORS first acquired SOLIDWORKS, they would pack and go previous jobs and modify them to fit the criteria of a new order. Their entire process has changed over the past 10 years, particularly since they incorporated DriveWorks, which is now used internally by the companys engineering and sales teams.

Since acquiring DriveWorks, their throughput has increased by 300% while their design team has only increased by 25%. This is due to DriveWorks enabling them to do more with less. Products that have been integrated with DriveWorks have seen an average of 75% reduction in design time.

Reducing Time and Maintaining Quality

Using DriveWorks enables PS DOORS to produce custom drawings in a short amount of time while maintaining quality standards throughout the design and manufacturing process. Additionally, they are starting to incorporate more office tasks into DriveWorks, such as creating quotes and data management.

Exceeding Expectations

For PS DOORS, the most important thing about DriveWorks is using the software to provide highly customized products in less time and to exceed expectations.

“If we can produce a high quality, highly customized product, that costs less and takes less time, then we hope to exceed our own expectations and those of our customers.
Seth DallmanDriveWorks Application Administrator at PS DOORS.