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Phoenix Mecano Improve Customer Satisfaction with DriveWorks

Phoenix Mecano Improve Customer Satisfaction with DriveWorks

The Phoenix Mecano Group is a global company, headquartered in Switzerland, with a presence in 48 countries worldwide. The company design and manufacture a range of products including Industrial Enclosures, Assembly and Positioning Systems and Motorised Drives. The group has 8 global manufacturing locations, with India being a strategic sourcing hub for the last 27 years.

We recently caught up with Prashant Malavankar, Engineering Head at Phoenix Mecano India Pvt Ltd, to find out how DriveWorks has improved their design process.

Using DriveWorks, Phoenix Mecano India has developed a CPQ solution for their product line of Ex enclosures that are used in explosive atmospheres. The design of these products differs depending on their specification, with every product undergoing customer-specific customization when it comes to machining and population of components.

Before adding DriveWorks, the engineering team at Phoenix Mecano would configure each individual project, including all the components, only using SOLIDWORKS. Based on the bill of materials output derived from each new specification, costing would then be calculated using an excel spreadsheet.

This was a lengthy process that Phoenix Mecano wanted to automate.

The key driving forces for implementing DriveWorks were to bring in speed, accuracy, and automation in the offer making process, as well as to improve lead times through an optimized OTD cycle.

With the CPQ solution developed in DriveWorks, response time has been improved and customers can expect a much shorter lead time on their requests for a quote.

As DriveWorks automates SOLIDWORKSoutputs, Phoenix Mecano has also used DriveWorks to automate drawing creation. Customers now receive an automated drawing along with their quotation, which enables them to better visualise the purchased product.

Phoenix Mecanos customers are not only receiving their quotations much faster because of DriveWorks, they are also receiving their ordered products much faster because manufacturing lead time has been significantly reduced.

This has created a much better end to end customer experience.

When asked what limitations DriveWorks Pro has helped Phoenix Mecano to overcome, Prashant highlights that:

DriveWorks has enabled his Application Engineers to have better visibility while they are configuring an end solution for Phoenix Mecanos customers.

When discussing their implementation, Prashant also adds that DriveWorks is user friendly and works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS.

We look forward to following Phoenix Mecanos journey with DriveWorks!

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