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New Walk-through Videos

Our Sample Projects are a great way to get started with Design Automation and using DriveWorks to create your first Configurator. You can pick the projects apart to discover how they have been set up or use them as a source of inspiration for your own projects.

All of our DriveWorksXpress and DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects have already been set up so all you need to do is download and run them inside SOLIDWORKS.

Our Tech Team have also created these handy walk-through videos. They’re a quick and easy way to demonstrate how to set up and run the projects, making it easier than ever for you to get started with DriveWorks.

We’ve recently added new videos to accompany our new Sample Projects. Check them out and learn how to configure your own custom Hydraulic Cylinder, Extraction Canopy, Solar Heater and Machine Guarding.


Hydraulic Cylinder

Customize the Bore, Stroke, Clevis, Port Size and Pressure Range of your own custom hydraulic cylinder.

Extraction Canopy

Configure the dimensions of the Extraction hood to create a custom model. Models will be driven and drawings will be created that will be unique to the inputs entered on the form.

DriveWorks Solo

Solar Heater

Configure a Solar Heater based on the space available. Every option that you change will effect the efficiency and capabilities of the Solar Heater, which will be displayed on the form.

Machine Guarding

Select size and pressure, as well as a choice of clevis. This DriveWorks Solo Project will create all the Models and Manufacturing Drawings you require in addition to sales documents.

What’s Next?

After watching the videos, try downloading the projects and having a go at using them to configure your own custom products!