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New Learning Portal Course: Using DriveWorks Live with IIS

New Course Added to the DriveWorks Learning Portal

 Tech Talks Webinar: Using DriveWorks Live with Internet Information Services

Using DriveWorks Live with Internet Information Services (IIS)

We’ve added a new course to the DriveWorks Learning Portal. This course was recorded as part of a Tech Talks live technical webinar broadcast. 

Get your DriveWorks configurators online using DriveWorks Live with Internet Information Services (IIS). Using DriveWorks Live with IIS helps improve your overall implementation. It increases configurator performance and improves implementation availability. Using IIS gives you more control over how users access your implementation.

In this course, DriveWorks experts discuss the benefits of using DriveWorks Live with IIS and show you how to set it up. Learn how you can successfully implement IIS to get your configurator online.

This course covers:

    • What is DriveWorks Live?
    • What is IIS?
    • The benefits of using IIS
    • Setting up IIS with DriveWorks Live
      – Installing IIS
      – Implementing DriveWorks Live with IIS
    • DriveWorks Live IIS Wizard walkthrough
    • IIS Manager IIS walkthrough
    • Troubleshooting DriveWorks Live
    • Tips and Tricks
    • Q & A

This course is only available to DriveWorks Pro Customers with Subscription, DriveWorks Resellers and Authorised Partners.

See more upcoming live sessions and register to get involved on the DriveWorks events page.

Tech Talks

Using DriveWorks Live with Internet Information Services

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