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Monmouth Scientific Use 3D to Enhance User Experience

Monmouth Scientific Use 3D to Enhance User Experience

Monmouth Scientific are UK market leaders in Clean Air Solutions. They specialise in Filtration and Ducted Fume Cabinets installations.

In-house Design Engineer, Peter Shirvington, has been using DriveWorks as a Design Automation and Product Configurator since 2013. In early 2020 he introduced the software at Monmouth Scientific.

Since then, Peter has created a 3D configurator that has been rolled out to the in-house sales team.

Monmouth Scientific offer a standard range of products, and also design and manufacture bespoke systems. The product range includes different cleanroom solutions and Peter has been focusing his time on this range with DriveWorks.

Clean Room 3D Configurator

Monmouth Scientific’s end goal with DriveWorks was to have a clean room configurator that would enable the customer, assisted by the sales team, to design their own bespoke cleanroom.

Peter spent 4 months creating the first version of the 3D configurator with DriveWorks.

One of the key features of the configurator is the 3D preview functionality as it allows the user to see an interactive 3D model of the item they are configuring.

Dynamically Interacting with the Form

Users can also dynamically interact with 3D in the configurator to create interactive 3D layouts.

For example, a user can click around the form to build their bespoke clean room, with the model automatically updating in 3D on the form.

They can rotate the model, add walls to the cleanroom and see what their end product will look like.

Peter has also built in functionality to automatically work out the ceiling dimensions, based on the walls added.

The configurator also contains the ability to replace entities, for example for putting in a door, or a hatch.

Monmouth Scientific Clean Room

Time Savings

Introducing the 3D configurator has saved both the sales team and the design team a lot of time in the design-to-order process.

Previously the sales team would manually do some rough sketches of the customer’s layout, or they would ask the design team to create a 3D layout in SOLIDWORKS, which was understandably time-consuming.

Now they can have a 3D image for every quote and they can interactively work through the layout with the client. The design information that then comes through to the design department is a lot more accurate.


In the latest iteration of the configurator, Monmouth Scientific has also been using DriveWorks to automatically generate the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD data required to manufacture the clean rooms.

Suitable for Any Industry

DriveWorks product configurator software is used by companies of all sizes. It’s suitable for any industry where quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to manufacturing process.

See how versatile and customizable it is by having a go with our online configurator examples on