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MicroStep Generating Drawings in Record Time with DriveWorks Pro

MicroStep – Generating Layout Drawings in Record Time, Using DriveWorks Pro Design Automation & Sales Configurator Software

MicroStep, headquartered in Slovakia, is a renowned manufacturer of CNC cutting machines, tailor-made for industries around the world.

With a large portfolio of products and a high volume of orders, it is not easy to deliver customized layout drawings for all the different kinds of machine quotes.

MicroStep has been using DriveWorks Pro since early 2021.

Before Implementing DriveWorks

Prior to adding DriveWorks design automation software to their design process, the MicroStep design team would receive a basic hand-drawn sketch from a member of their sales team. The design team would then need to figure out exactly what the customer required based on the sketch given to them.

This would result in a lot of back and forth between the design and sales team, making it a lengthy and time-consuming process when designing bespoke products to their customer’s specifications.

”Before DriveWorks, generating a layout for a customer used to take us up to 2 weeks. This time has now been reduced to just 30 minutes”

– Matej Sedlak, DriveWorks Specialist, MicroStep

Adding DriveWorks to their quoting process has enabled MicroStep to build a configurator tool for their sales team.

Using the DriveWorks configurator MicroStep’s sales team can guide a customer through the specification process, automatically selecting the parameters for their bespoke machine, such as the type and dimensions of material that the machine will cut.

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Reducing Design Time and Errors

Based on previous inputs, the configurator will automatically offer the recommended technology source for each bespoke machine. Inapplicable options on the form will become automatically disabled based on previous selections.

This ensures that each specified machine is manufacturable and reduces costly errors in the manufacturing stage.

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Optimized customer experience

During the sales process, as each option on the form is selected an interactive 3D preview of the machine is automatically displayed.

This allows the customer to visualize what their product will look like from different angles.

The DriveWorks configurator also captures important customer information, such as name, email address and shipping information.

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Automated Document Generation

When a MicroStep sales person has completed the specification, a layout drawing is automatically generated, along with a summary document that details what the customer has ordered.

These documents are then automatically sent to the customer for review.

DriveWorks’ document generation capabilities means all the desired files are automatically generatedand named and ordered correctly.

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