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Let’s Chat About – First Meeting Round Up

Brand New Weekly Technical Discussion Sessions

Interactive, engaging technical discussion sessions for DriveWorks users.

Last week we launched the first in a new series of DriveWorks technical discussion sessions.

These Let’s Chat About sessions will help DriveWorks users to learn more about DriveWorks, improve their technical knowledge and get the most from the software.

Each week we’ll be chatting all about DriveWorks and deep-diving into different topics.

In each session, members of the DriveWorks team will discuss a specific topic, encouraging attendees to ask questions and share their own knowledge with others in the DriveWorks Community.

Hosted on Microsoft Teams, these 45-minute sessions are designed to enable us all to share technical knowledge and discuss features and functionality in detail.

Let’s Chat About DriveWorks 19

Here’s a round-up of our first technical discussion session.

Chatting About DriveWorks 19

For our first session, we kicked things off by chatting about What’s New in our latest release – DriveWorks 19.

We released DriveWorks 19 back in April and hosted a What’s New presentation at Virtual DriveWorks World. We released DriveWorks 19.1 more recently, at the beginning of August.

To make sure attendees were getting the most out of this session, during registration we asked them to share with us the aspects they are most interested in.

We packed a lot into the 45 minutes, discussing the Scheduler DriveApp, Design Automation, the Integration Theme, Kiosk Mode and 3D.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for this first session and to our technical experts for sharing so much insight.

We’re looking forward to hosting more of these technical discussion sessions in the coming weeks and get everyone chatting even more about DriveWorks!

What We Discussed

Our technical experts ran through just some of the features and functionality added in DriveWorks 19. 

Scheduler DriveApp

Kiosk Mode

Integration Theme

Design Automation


Upcoming Sessions

Sign up for upcoming sessions and tell us what you would like to chat about.

Let’s Chat About:

Design Automation

Thursday 23rd September


Let’s Chat About:

Rules & Logic

Thursday 30th September


Let’s Chat About:


Thursday 7th October


Let’s Chat About:

Reporting & Diagnostics

Thursday 14th October