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Karpen Steel are Streamlining Their Order Process with DriveWorks

With DriveWorks, Karpen Steel’s order process is streamlined – customers are receiving their orders quicker, and engineers are saving time.

Karopen Steel's logo.

Karpen Steel, based in the USA, manufactures high-quality custom doors and frames. They aim to exceed customer expectations by manufacturing dependable products that meet critical quality standards with prompt, on-time delivery.

Before using DriveWorks, the technical data involved in each custom order made tracking and verifying each order a long process. Once an order was placed, it would be checked by two members of the customer service team and two engineers, to ensure everything was accurate.

Streamlining processes, winning more orders

Using DriveWorks Pro, Karpen Steel has streamlined its order process. The amount of employee time needed to process each order has been reduced and the process is now slicker and more efficient, allowing Karpen Steel to concentrate onwinning more ordersand providinggreat customer service.

Once an order is received, the customer service team enters the parameters of the order into the DriveWorks Configurator. This then creates the 3D SOLIDWORKS model and orderdocuments for both the customer and the workshop. The price for the order is also generated and the order or quote is placed as a database entry. This is all done in one single step with DriveWorks.

A process which previously required 4 team members is now automated & streamlined.

A picture of 3 configurations of Karpen Steel doors.

Intelligent guided selling

Karpen Steel’s form within the DriveWorks Pro Configurator guides a user through the order process. Customers can only see, and are prompted to fill out, the relevant fields on the form for the product line they have selected.

The Configurator forms have been designed to provide feedback to whoever is filling them out. By using pictures, pop-up warnings, and instructions, errors are highlighted before the order progresses to the next step.

The ability to set up error checking within DriveWorks Pro prevents the user from leaving out required information or entering parameters that cant be manufactured. This helps to minimize the number of times orders must be returned due to incomplete or inaccurate information, which would disrupt the order flow.

The customer service team at Karpen Steel use the 3D capabilities without needing extra training.

Saving time for engineers

As DriveWorks automates SOLIDWORKS, the customer service team are effectively now using its powerful 3D capabilities,withoutthe need for any SOLIDWORKS training.

It means that Karpen Steels engineering team are freed up from simple, repetitive tasks to focus on the more critical aspects of the order. DriveWorks Pro also saves time by creating all the required documents. These documents contain images specific to the order details such as the frame profile, anchor types, hardware locations and door vision light size and placement.

These documents are sent to both the customer and the workshop, with each document being designed for the customer’s unique needs. Potential errors or required changes can be quickly identified, and any feedback is passed to the shop personnel so it can be fixed.

See What You Can Achieve with DriveWorks Software

Online Configurator Examples

Our productconfigurator examplesare a great way tosee whats possible with DriveWorks, in a range of scenarios and industries.

DriveWorks product configurator software isused by companies of all sizes. Its suitable forany industrywhere quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to the manufacturing process.

Our configurator examples show howversatile and customizableDriveWorks is and provide greatinspiration for your DriveWorks projects.

The software is not limited to what you see in our examples, with DriveWorks you builda custom solution that suits your needsand iseasy to maintain and update.

Explore our online configurator examples to see how versatile and easy-to-use DriveWorks is.

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