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JELD-WEN are Saving Engineering Time and Improving Customer Experience with DriveWorks

With DriveWorks, JELD-WEN delivers drawings for custom products within minutes.
Engineering time is also reduced, with this saved time now dedicated to the development of new projects.

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JELD-WEN manufacture a wide range of high-quality timber doors for the construction and renovation markets around the world.

More time dedicated to project development 

DriveWorks is helping JELD-WEN to save the time spent on the daily registration of orders.
Before implementing DriveWorks, it would typically require 4 JELD-WEN team members to handle this process. Now only 2 team members need to do this job, freeing up time for engineers to focus on the development of new and existing projects.

 As well as time saving, DriveWorks has enabled savings on costs & overall efficiency.

A picture of wooden JELD-WEN sliding door.

Faster product configuration with DriveWorks 

The speed at which JELD-WEN creates new product configurations is now much faster, thanks to DriveWorks.

DriveWorks covers 75-80% of customer orders for special cut-outs for doors and complete glass panels. JELD-WEN has over 25,000 drawings in DriveWorks that form the basis for the development of new products.

This makes the development of new products much faster and customers receive drawings of their custom product drawings quicker.

Drawings are received & sent to customers within minutes.

Optimizing JELD-WEN’s sales process

The benefits of DriveWorks go further than engineering. DriveWorks is helping sales team members to communicate with customers more effectively, delivering drawings of their custom products to customers.

Previously, it could take up to 3 days for JELD-WEN to make the drawings available for the customer.

Now, drawings are received by a salesperson in as little as 5 – 10 minutes. The drawing is forwarded directly to clients for final review before manufacturing.

See What You Can Achieve with DriveWorks Software

Online Configurator Examples

Our product configurator examples are a great way to see what’s possible with DriveWorks, in a range of scenarios and industries.

DriveWorks product configurator software is used by companies of all sizes. It’s suitable for any industry where quotes or 3D files and drawings are part of the sales to the manufacturing process.

Our configurator examples show how versatile and customizable DriveWorks is and provide great inspiration for your DriveWorks projects.

The software is not limited to what you see in our examples, with DriveWorks you build a custom solution that suits your needs and is easy to maintain and update.

Explore our online configurator examples to see how versatile and easy-to-use DriveWorks is.

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