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Introducing the Brand New DriveWorks Community

The DriveWorks Community is a great resource for anyone using DriveWorks.

We’ve recently created a brand new community, with updated features and content based on your feedback.

Get involved and join us over at

What is the DriveWorks Community?

The DriveWorks Community is our user portal, bringing together DriveWorks users from around the world. The community is a place for our resellers, customers and partners to come together and find useful resources. Whether you’re trialing DriveWorks Solo, familiar with DriveWorks Pro, or from a reseller sales, technical or order admin team, the community is a place for everyone.

It’s our opportunity to Help Others to Help Themselves by providing content, resources and opportunities to connect with other users.

The DriveWorks Community includes many important downloads – including DriveWorks software and PowerPacks, learning and training materials and many other useful resources.

What The New Community Means For You

We’ve built a brand new DriveWorks Community at

We’ve listened to user feedback about the DriveWorks Community and how we could improve it.

The new MyDriveWorks community includes improvements to the user experience, to make it easier for you to find the content you need.

We’ve personalised each page based on the software you have, so you only see what’s relevant to you.

We’ve improved the stability of downloads making them quicker and easier.

The NEW forum we’ve introduced enables you to connect with other people using DriveWorks – this is a great place to chat with others, share ideas, ask questions and share your knowledge with each other.

We’ve added even more learning resources and the new online learning portal makes it even easier for you to learn and see your progress. You can access the content to add to your knowledge from anywhere and at any time.

Overall, we’ve made sure you are better informed about what’s going on with more email notifications and clearer updates within the community.

With MyDriveWorks it’s even easier than ever to keep your knowledge and software up to date and ensure you’re getting the most from your DriveWorks software.

User Forum

Join the conversation in the DriveWorks forum. Share ideas and connect with other users.

Download Software

Download the latest DriveWorks software and PowerPacks or find previous versions.

Learning Portal

Access exclusive DriveWorks learning resources and build on your knowledge.

Webinars & Events

See upcoming events and webinars, sign up, get involved and join us to learn and network.

Get Involved

You need to create an account, even if you had an account in the previous DriveWorks Community.

It’s quick and easy to create a MyDriveWorks account and get access to the new resources.