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Integrating DriveWorks with Navision and SYSPRO

Integrating DriveWorks with your ERP system helps to sell and manufacture complex configurable products faster, more efficiently, and with greater accuracy. In a recent article, Ketan Panchal, Design Automation Manager at HitechDigital, DriveWorks Implementation Partner, has shared how manufacturing workflows can be transformed by integrating DriveWorks with Navision and Syspro.

Integrating DriveWorks with SYSPRO – A HitechDigital Customer Case Study

A custom glass product manufacturer, in the process of implementing a SYSPRO ERP system, encountered challenges with controlling and evaluating input values, essential for the system’s accuracy. To address these issues, the manufacturer approached the HitechDigital team to develop a UI configurator that would enable precise evaluation of each input, ensuring accurate pricing calculations and quote generation.

The HitechDigital team used DriveWorks to design a web-based UI form, integrating DriveWorks UI controls with SYSPRO tables through readily available DriveWorks plugins. This integration not only facilitated the conversion of quotes into orders but also streamlined price calculation, quote preparation and email functionality for sales teams. Additionally, DriveWorks Autopilot was integrated to automate the transfer of quote data into SYSPRO once an order has been placed. The result was a functional DriveWorks project, deployed at the customer’s site, which significantly enhanced the efficiency and accuracy of their ERP system.

Plugin settings for connecting DriveWorks & SYSPRO

Export details to SYSPRO through DriveWorks

Integrating DriveWorks with Navision – A HitechDigital Customer Case Study

The company was using an in-house configurator with Navision ERP for pricing, sales quotes, and inventory management. However, they encountered inefficiencies due to duplicate data entries in both the ERP and DriveWorks.

To address this, they asked the HitechDigital team to streamline their processes. The project team recommended integrating DriveWorks with Navision using SQL injections, stored procedures, and intermediate tables. Consequently, the DriveWorks project was modified to include updated specification flows, the construction of SQL intermediate tables, table views and stored procedures.

This integration facilitated the collection of data from DriveWorks and its transfer into Navision’s SQL tables. The process was automated using DriveWorks Autopilot, significantly improving efficiency and integration between the systems.

BOM generated through DriveWorks in Navision

Responsive 3D preview with input design data

Transforming Manufacturing Workflows:

Integrating DriveWorks with Navision and Syspro

Read the full article from HitechDigital to see all of Ketans insights on integrating DriveWorks with Navision and SYSPRO.