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Integrating DriveWorks with Enterprise PDM

A SOLIDWORKS WorldBreak Out Session

If you’re going to be at SOLIDWORKS World in Dallas nextyear, don’t miss any of the Design Automation presentations.

On Wednesday, February 3rd, David Mandl will be presenting a breakout session on ‘Integrating DriveWorks with Enterprise PDM’.

DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM are valuable tools that can save companies time by automating key elements of their engineering processes. This session will introduce attendees to some of the ways that the two may be integrated into a single cohesive solution.

Attendees will witness how DriveWorks and SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional (formerly SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM) can integrate together.

Topics include:

  • Standard Functions
  • Working with Latest Versions
  • Searching PDM
  • Tips
  • Tricks
  • Best Practices and more.

Don’t forget, you’ll also find the DriveWorks team in the Partner Pavilion. Stop by booth #817 and say hello!

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