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Incredible 3D Printing Innovation

If you were at SolidWorks World back in January, you may have seen our very own Glen Smith present. He talked about how design automation and 3D printing are potentially a marriage made in heaven. If you weren’t at SolidWorks World or didn’t see Glen’s presentation you can watch it on the SolidWorks World Proceedings site.

Glen looked at the challenges that 3D printing faces in particular the parts of the 3D printing process that hadnt yet been automated.
Glen explained that 3D printing is advancing so quickly that it is very hard to keep up, he tried to make some predictions as to what he thought might happen in the future for 3D printing.

However, not even Glen could predict the amazing advancements that have happened in the 3D printing industry lately. A news article on explains how 3D bioprinting is innovating so greatly that Advanced Solutions have launched a BioAssemblyBot that intends to 3D print a functioning human heart. You can read more about this incredible 3D printer and its specifications in the news pages of

If you do watch Glen’s presentation on the SolidWorks World Proceedings website and are as intrigued as I was to see how the 3D printed mug he talks about actually turned out, here it is