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IMA PG Optimizing Business Processes While Reducing Costly Errors with DriveWorks Pro

IMA PG are speeding up its design process and reducing costly errors with DriveWorks Pro

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IMA PG is a leading pioneer in packaging solutions in India. Operating in the pharmaceutical industry, theyve been designing and manufacturing machinery for various pharmaceutical products and tablets since 1961. IMA PG works closely with DriveWorks Value Added Reseller Pelf Infotech Private Limited, based in Pune.

Before implementing DriveWorks software

Before DriveWorks, IMAs design-to-manufacture process required an engineer to design every part component by changing each dimension manually. They also had to give annotations and dimensions for every view in a drawing sheet. With so much manual input, the risk of costly human error in the design process was high.

Revolutionizing the way IMA PG designs its products

DriveWorks is now integrated into the design process of almost every single product by the engineering team at IMA PG.

Introducing DriveWorks has revolutionized the way IMA designs its products. They have now configured DriveWorks for layout and component designing. This means an engineer can now input the requirements for each specification into their form.

Once the form is completed, the new model along with its manufacturing data is automatically generated and ready to be sent to the manufacturing floor.

Using DriveWorks Automation, IMA canrespond to sales inquiries much faster. They have reduced their lead time significantly, and opened up even more sales opportunities. Cavity Die is a part of the design process that has benefitted particularly from DriveWorks. The cavities are changed depending on each specification, for example, they might be round, or oblong shape. This process is now specified and controlled through DriveWorks automation, and the plate size is driven through variable parameters. The outputs generated by DriveWorks are also now created from the Master Model.

IMA PG's form for Blister tray which is entirely configurable.

DriveWorks has played a crucial role in our day-to-day work, helping us to achieve two important goals; time-saving and accuracy.

Mayur Patil, Manager, IMA PG

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Saving valuable time

Since installing DriveWorks, IMA PG has seen a significant time reduction in its design process. Previously, design time peaked at four days and this has now been reduced to just one day.

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Reducing Costly Errors

Costly manufacturing errors have been reduced significantly, and IMA PG is now at 80% drawing accuracy across its product line.

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