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Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services Join the DriveWorks Partner Program

We are Pleased to Welcome Our First Authorized Services Partner in India to the DriveWorks Community!

Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services offer one stop solutions across various service lines and functions that include software, engineering and business processes. Many of their clients are in the US and Europe.

In order to join the DriveWorks Partner Program, Hi-Tech Outsourcing Serviceshad to commit to and complete the DriveWorks Pro Training and Certification. They completed this during our recent visit to India, where members of the DriveWorks team met with their CEO andcompleted the training with their engineers.

Hi-Tech have been working with one of the leading window and door manufacturers in the US, to help them maximize their use ofDriveWorks for design automation, product configuration and quote estimation.

The end result of implementing DriveWorks in this company’sdesign process isa reduction of engineering time required from 4-5 days to just10 minutes. With design automation, Hi-Tech’s client has been able to respond to customer enquiries faster and provideaccurate quotes. Customers can order their specific doors and frames, just in time and when they need it.

Ketan Panchal, Manager of Industrial Design Services, said that completing the training and certification was useful as itgave them more insight and knowledge about DriveWorks and obtaining the certification shows their capabilities with the different modules available.

DriveWorks at SOLIDWORKS World 2016

We Asked Hi-Tech – What’s Your Favourite DriveWorks Feature and Why?

We love Customised Macro Features!The ability to program individual macros which perform varied and challenging automation tasks and integratetheminto existing DriveWorks programs helps to expand programming flexibility to very large levels.

Another favourite of ours is Specification Flow as it helps us to integrate our business model right from receiving the raw material to dispatch/delivery of the finished product. This includes sales, engineering, accounts and shipments.

We also really like the user interface of DriveWorks Administrator. This is one of the most easy, convenient, self-explanatory and engaging tools we’ve seen. We like the ability to create different folders for every variable, customised user forms with the best look and feel, the ability to capture and define model rules and the rule builder tool.

We find these features are very useful for any business user and we truly believe that they distinguish and set DriveWorks apart from all other design automation tools.