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Happy World Engineering Day

World Engineering Day

4th March 2022

International day of celebration of engineers and engineering

As of January 19th 1996, the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) has designated the 4th of March as ‘World Engineering Day.’

The 4th of March is the founding day of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), a Federation consisting of hundreds of national members and international members, representing the engineering society of the world.

The day offers an opportunity to highlight engineers and engineering’s achievements in our modern world and improve public understanding of how engineering and technology are central to modern life.

This day is all about highlighting how engineering can change the world for the better. It’s a chance to address the need for more engineering capacity and the quality of engineers around the world and develop strategic frameworks and best practices for the implementation of engineering solutions.

The celebration of World Engineering Day is also about promoting engineering as a career. It’s a day that can be used to engage with young people and show them the power of engineering.

It’s also an opportunity for us to recognise all the incredible engineers in our community and all the fantastic work they do.

World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development

In 2019, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed the World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (WED) an official international day taking place on March 4th.

The aim of this was to raise awareness of the role of engineering in modern life, which is essential to mitigating the impact of climate change and advancing sustainable development, especially in Africa and the small island developing states

This year, as part of World Engineering Day a 24 hour live stream is being hosted. This is the first ever 24 hour live broadcast of a global UNESCO day. This studio produced broadcast will follow World Engineering Day 2022 around the globe, to see how engineers across the world are celebrating and being recognised for their great work.

Starting from Australia, ending in Costa Rica and featuring everything in between. This program will hit 8 major regions over 24 hours. Listeners will hear some amazing and innovative stories from engineers all over the world!

You can join the 24 hour live stream here.

There’s also a university hackathon taking place, with challenges all focusing around sustainable development. You can find out more about the challenges and finalists here.

DriveWorks Supporting Engineering

Our CEO, Glen Smith, and many other members of the DriveWorks team have an engineering background. As a team we have a passion for the industry and investing in and supporting the future of engineering.

We’re committed to supporting education and investing in the future. We work closely with students and academia to help support and nurture the future of STEM.

We are huge advocates for STEM education. We actively promote and support STEM education, teaching students how to use DriveWorksXpress and attending events to inspire students to follow STEM careers. Every year we also take on placement students and graduates across many disciplines, including engineering, welcoming them to our team and nurturing them at the beginning of their career.

We also support and work with FIRST Robotics and actively encourage young women into STEM careers, teaching them about the vast array of opportunities available.

Starting Your Education Journey

SOLIDWORKS is the most widely used 3D CAD package in education and industry today.

Learning SOLIDWORKS helps you rise above your peers by developing the design and engineering skills you need to be successful for the next step in your education, or when it is time to enter the job market.

With SOLIDWORKS skills, you will have a clear advantage in the engineering or industrial design job markets. The SOLIDWORKS Student Access License takes you out of the classroom to extend your learning experience.

The Student Access License is designed for students and educators that currently use the SOLIDWORKS Education Edition at their school.

With the SOLIDWORKS Student Access program, you can get your own license to use on your own device, wherever and whenever your imagination is ready to use it.

If your institution has SOLIDWORKS, you probably qualify for a free license!


Each licence of SOLIDWORKS, including SOLIDWORKS Education, includes DriveWorksXpress, a SOLIDWORKS Gold Partner Product.

DriveWorksXpress is a free design automation tool that is ideal for repetitive design tasks and can be used to create multiple variations of SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and drawings, quickly and accurately.

Digital transformation is at the forefront of engineering. This is a great way for students to learn about digital transformation and automation. Students can impress future employers with knowledge about how automating repetitive design tasks can free up engineers and product designers to spend more time on new product development, innovation, and other value-added work.

Get Certified 

Demonstrate your SOLIDWORKS design automation skills

The Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate (CDWXA) is the first level of DriveWorks Certification. The DriveWorksXpress Training and Certification is a free certification for all engineering and design professionals who have access to SOLIDWORKS.

Follow the online training and take the certification to become a Certified DriveWorksXpress Associate in just 3 steps, in 3 hours.

Improve your SOLIDWORKS skills and design automation knowledge.

Embrace design automation and use DriveWorksXpress inside SOLIDWORKS to save time, reduce errors, improve quality and enhance your resume.

Want to pursue a career in digital?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people to join our team.

Visit our Careers Page to learn more about the opportunities available at DriveWorks!