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Happy Pancake Day!

Pancake Day Fun at DriveWorks

Every year at DriveWorks we celebrate pancake day at lunchtime, flipping, topping and enjoying pancakes together.

Here are some photos from our delicious lunchtime today!

Everyone has a different flipping technique. Some people go for a simple flip…

Then there’s the more adventurous flip…

Others keep it low…

Some people flip so high they lose their pancake…

There’s even a double flip…

And others seem to be completely terrified of pancakes…

When it comes to toppings we’re divided too.

Classic lemon and sugar, indulgent nutella or sweet syrup, we like them all!

Of course Ruby was involved in the pancake day action too, on the lookout for dropped pancakes but unfortunately for her, everybody managed to catch theirs!

She was also super helpful and very happy to help us clean up the mess.