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DriveWorks World 2024 Day Two Highlights

DriveWorks World 2024 Day 2 was another fantastic day packed with technical sessions, interactive polls, customer stories and exciting announcements about DriveWorks 22.

Here’s a selection of some of the sessions that we hosted today. Head over to the event app to watch all of today’s action on-demand.

Trouble Shooting Tips & Tricks

A panel of DriveWorks technical experts discussed their experiences and shared the tips and tricks that they use to troubleshoot DriveWorks. “Write it down” was a popular piece of advice – this makes it easy to pass information to your support channel, and will also give you an idea of where you have already checked, enabling you to focus your search and make you more methodical. They also looked at the tools available in DriveWorks to help with your trouble shooting.

How DriveWorks Integrates with Other Company Systems

DriveWorks Product Manager-Integration, Adam Baker shared how DriveWorks integrates with other systems – accounting, ERP and CRM software packages, and showed the tools available inside DriveWorks to set up integrations with your other company systems.

He walked us through some working examples of integrations with QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. He shared how we use the Microsoft Dynamics integration at DriveWorks HQ to generate our quotes, linking the quote to the sales opportunity to convert raw data into actionable information enabling us to make more informed decisions.

How the New Forms Technology Opens Up New Possibilities for Your Implementation

Rob Hayward, DriveWorks Senior Technical Marketing & UX Specialist, and Eve Glover, DriveWorks Technical Specialist demonstrated how you can use the new forms technology to improve the look and feel of your forms. They covered how to create user-friendly and consistent forms and the implications for your future implementations.

The Evolution of DriveWorks 3D Technology

Dave Meecham, DriveWorks Technical Manager, and Amar Panesar, DriveWorks Applications Engineer, hosted a session on the development of DriveWorks 3D technology. They started their session with a look at why we created our 3D technology and the key features that have been added with each release. They then ran through a project created in DriveWorks 16 and applied some of the 3D features added in subsequent releases to demonstrate the evolution of the technology.

What’s New in DriveWorks 22

DriveWorks CEO, Glen Smith revealed more of the new features and functionality coming out in DriveWorks 22. There was lots of excitement about the new Forms & UI features and the new extrusion functionality was described as a “game changer” by more than one attendee. The new 3D features will enable you to incorporate greater complexity into your 3D configurators. We’re hugely excited to see your use cases start to come in.

The live chat provided immediate feedback on the updates that Glen revealed and it was amazing to see such positive response. Everyone is very excited about DriveWorks 22!.

DriveWorks Challenge #5 Live

We checked back in with Heather Hasz, DriveWorks Brand & Community Ambassador, and Paul Gimbel, DriveWorks Sherpa, to run through more of the challenge #5 submissions, before revealing the overall challenge winners.

Congratulations to the three winners – Rob Miller (Chatsworth Products), Devin Martin (TriMech Solutions) and Dave Meecham (DriveWorks Tech Team).

Customer Story – Odul

DL MADEN聴 EYA, based in Turkey, has been a manufacturer of home appliances for more than 50 years, exporting to over 86 countries around the world. Serkan ibir, from DriveWorks reseller Tekyaz, explained how d端l have built an online product configurator using DriveWorks Pro, enabling both their sales team and their customers to configure products accurately and efficiently.

For d端l, the most important aspect of DriveWorks is that it prevents the wrong product from being manufactured. Adding DriveWorks to their design process has also reduced the time spent specifying new products for their customers by 40% and reduced labor time by 70%.

Customer Story – SharkCrates

Austin Beck of SharkCrates shared a presentation on how DriveWorks technology has enabled them to reduce human error, save time and keep pace with their innovation. Shark Crates are based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and produce affordable wood shipping crates on demand.

Austin shared how before implementing DriveWorks they had challenges with the amount of time it was taking to generate quotes and other internal items. DriveWorks technology has enabled them to streamline their internal process and reduce their quote cycle times.

DriveWorks World 2024 Event App – Open Until 10th May

The event app for this year’s DriveWorks World will remain open until 10th May. So you have plenty of time to access all of the on-demand recordings of the live stream sessions and take advantage of the technical learning library with 100+ learning sessions.

Don’t forget that via the event app you can also schedule a post-DriveWorks World one-to-one meeting with a member of the DriveWorks team to discuss specific topics.

This year saw a record number of attendees, reflecting the value of DriveWorks World for the whole DriveWorks community, including the DriveWorks team.

DriveWorks World is only possible, when you, our DriveWorks community, register, attend, participate and engage. It was amazing to have so much interaction in the live chat and polls. Your feedback is valuable and helps drive our development.

We really do appreciate the support and extend our sincere thanks to all of the attendees for their contribution to making DriveWorks World 2024 a huge success.

DriveWorks World 2025 – Save The Date

DriveWorks World 2025 will start on 8th April with a reseller preview event and continue on 9th and 10th April for all DriveWorks users and resellers.

You can register your interest for DriveWorks World 2025 in this year’s event app.