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DriveWorks World 2024 Day One Highlights

Today was the first day of DriveWorks World 2024 with hundreds of DriveWorks users joining us virtually from locations all over the world.

Broadcasting live, with sessions hosted by our team of DriveWorks experts, we shared updates, insight and customer stories. And of course, the eagerly anticipated reveal of some of the new features coming in DriveWorks 22.

Below we’ve pulled out some of the sessions from today in more detail for you. You can watch the full livestream again on-demand in the DriveWorks World 2024 event app.

DriveWorks World continues tomorrow with another day packed with more technical sessions, customer stories and What’s New in DriveWorks 22.

How DriveWorks Model Generation Works

DriveWorks Technical Manager, Dave Meecham, started the session by talking through Queued & OnDemand model generation and how to tell the difference between them.

He went on to cover how to release and generate your models and the generation process in more detail. DriveWorks Model Insight lets you see exactly what actions DriveWorks is taking during Model Generation. He explained how its great for deeper understanding of Model Generation, diagnosing unexpected generation results and analyzing Generation Task loops.

DriveWorks Challenge #5 Live

New for DriveWorks World 2024, Heather Hasz, DriveWorks Brand & Community Ambassador, and Paul Gimbel, DriveWorks Sherpa, hosted DriveWorks Challenge #5 live. They recapped the current challenge and shared some of the submissions that weve already had in. It was a great way to share more information about the challenge and to show everyone how easy it is to get involved. Tune in tomorrow where well be announcing the challenge #5 winners live on the main stage.

Setting Up The CPQ Solution You Already Have

DriveWorks CPQ Product Manager, Tom Wormald hosted a session on setting up the CPQ solution you already have. He talked about how we have made the CPQ DriveApp customizable – so you can add your own functionality easily and the templates that are available to do this and what steps you need to work through to start implementing CPQ. To demonstrate how quickly you can implement DriveWorks CPQ, while Tom was presenting, one of the DriveWorks technical experts, Nathan Woodward, worked on a CPQ implementation from scratch, showing just how fast it can be done.

DWLambda How We’ve Been Using the Functionality

Jake Lawley, Systems Team Manager, and Thomas Guillard, DriveWorks Senior System Developer, ran through the DWLambda functionality that we added in DriveWorks 21 and how weve been using it. DWLambdas allow custom, reusable functions to be created, all within DriveWorks rules so you dont need to have any prior knowledge of programming. The session included tips and tricks and showed how the DriveWorks team have been using DWLambdas themselves, including a live configurator example.

What’s New in DriveWorks 22

DriveWorks CEO, Glen Smith revealed some of the new features and functionality coming out in DriveWorks 22.There was lots of positive reaction to the new features in the Live Chat and it was great to have that live immediate feedback.

Glen will be revealing more new features in tomorrow’s What’s New sessions.

New for 22 Feature Q & A – DriveApps

DriveApps provide out of the box functionality to accelerate your DriveWorks implementation. The Dashboard DriveApp gives you a pre-made dashboard inside DriveWorks Administrator, which you can then customize with your own data.

In DriveWorks 22, weve added a new styling option a Menu Dashboard. Selecting this styling replaces the square tile view and presents your dashboard data in a side navigation panel instead. This provides an alternative way to view and navigate between your dashboards.

In this session Eve Glover, DriveWorks Technical Specialist, showed more detail on the new styling and ran through how you can incorporate it into your own DriveWorks implementation.

Customer Story – How DriveWorks gave Wozair a “fresh start”

Wozair are based in the South of England and specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of heavy-duty heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) products. Members of the DriveWorks team took a trip down to their offices earlier this year to find out about how they use DriveWorks. They opened their presentation by crediting DriveWorks technology with giving them a fresh start. Implementing DriveWorks has enabled them to automate and speed up their design process, reduce their risk of human error, and get information from their design team to their manufacturing team much quicker.

They explained how using DriveWorks Model Insight helps them to implement projects faster and how the implementation of DriveWorks technology has enabled them to maintain a consistent design philosophy. Material traceability is key for Wozairs nuclear accreditations and this is easily facilitated using DriveWorks technology.

DriveWorks Customer Story – Stahlton Bauteile

Stahlton Bauteile is an Architectural and Building components company based in Switzerland. Together with DriveWorks reseller, Visiativ Benelux, they shared how they have implemented a DriveWorks CPQ solution. They used CPQ DriveApps as an out of the box framework which met all of their customization requirements. They also explained how they have successfully integrated DriveWorks with their ERP system, and how they have adapted their UI to work for different user ability levels.

Their customer story video was followed up with a live Q&A with Christian Hagen Civil Engineer Stahlton Bauteile AG, Jeroen van der Burg DriveWorks Consultant & Specialist Visiativ The Netherlands (Design Solutions) and Geert Henrikx Data Management Consultant and DriveWorks Design Specialist Visiativ The Netherlands (Design Solutions). It was great to have them join us live to answer questions from DriveWorks World attendees and share their experience.

DriveWorks World Live Polls

We were really excited to be able to run live polls during some of the sessions. It’s great to have audience interaction and to get feedback and understand more from our DriveWorks community. The polls were perfect for that and we were pleased that they were so popular. There will be more live polls running in the sessions tomorrow.

On-Demand Technical Learning Sessions

Alongside the live broadcast at DriveWorks World 2024, there are over 100 on-demand technical learning sessions in the event app.

These sessions cover a variety of DriveWorks topics, at different skill levels. You dont need to watch them all, you can select the sessions that are relevant to you and your learning.

The on-demand sessions will be available throughout DriveWorks World, so you can watch them even when were not broadcasting live. They will also remain available in the event app until 10th May so you dont need to rush through them.

DriveWorks World 2024 Continues Tomorrow

We have another schedule packed with technical learning and customer stories tomorrow, and we’ll be broadcasting live from 1pm BST.

There’s still time to register and join us.