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DriveWorks World 2018 – Day One Round Up

Day One Round Up – Monday, 16th April

DriveWorks World is our annual value-added technical event for DriveWorks users. This year it took place in Cheshire, UK from 16th-18th April. DriveWorks World is the perfect opportunity for our community to come together to learn, network & share ideas.
A huge thank you to everyone who joined us this year. If you missed it, here’s what happened on day one…

Welcome & Industry Presentations

The day began with a welcome presentation from Maria Sarkar, VP of DriveWorks, followed by two industryspeakers who both focused on the importance of innovation and driving forward.

First to present was Philippa Glover, of Innovate UK, talking about the new digital industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.

Simon Booker then took to the stage to give an update on SOLIDWORKS and to inspire manufacturers to find their ikigai(a reason for being) by combining what we’re good at, what we love and what the world needs.

What’s New: Part One

DriveWorks World attendees are always the first to see and use the latest release of our software. Glen, CEO of DriveWorks, kicked off the first part of the What’s New reveal focusing on the improvements we’ve made to stability, scalability, usability and performance.

User Presentations

A variety of DriveWorks users from companies across the world, in a wide range of industries, then took to the stage to tell us about the many different ways they all use DriveWorks.
From shoe insoles, outdoor furniture and balconies, to concrete pits, cranes and bridges, it was fascinating to see so many different uses for DriveWorks software.
One company had taken DriveWorks even further in their organisation and were using it to automate business processes too.

What’s New: Part Two

For the second part of the What’s New reveal, Glen shared one of the ways we tested some of the new features in DriveWorks 16. Dave, our Senior Applications Engineer, had built his own game of Battleships, using DriveWorks. Phil, Technical Team Manager and Matt, Product Manager, played the game live on stage!

How DriveWorks Use DriveWorks

Towards the end of day one, after we had seen how so many of our customers use DriveWorks in a variety of ways, we shared one of the ways we use DriveWorks, at DriveWorks!
Jake, our Systems Analyst has built a digital signage system using DriveWorks. We use it throughout our offices to display key information to our team. We also used the system at DriveWorks World, to display messages to our delegates and to show which sessions were happening where.

What’s New: Part Three

For the final What’s New in DriveWorks 16 reveal, Glen finished the day by showing everyone the impressive updates we’ve made to the 3D technology in DriveWorks 16.

Monday Evening Dinner

We finished off a brilliant first day with the annual DriveWorks World dinner. This year there was only one lucky winner of the coveted salt and pepper awards, Daniel Prusac who took a 20-hour flight from Australia and got straight on stage to present about how they use DriveWorks at AusPits.

Learn, Network & Be Inspired

Here are some more photos from DriveWorks World 2018 day one.