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DriveWorks Solo Industry Sample Projects

DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects

Explore a range of industry examples, learn how they are set up and see whats possible with DriveWorks Solo.

Our industry sample projects are a great way to get started with DriveWorks design automation and using DriveWorks to create your first configurator.

We have created the sample projects so you can pick them apart and discover how they have been set up, or use them as a source of inspiration for your own projects.

All of ourDriveWorks SoloSample Projects have already been set up so all you need to do is download and run them inside SOLIDWORKS.

Our Technical Team has also created handy walk-through videos for each project.

Theyre a quick and easy way to demonstrate how to set up and run the projects, making it easier than ever for you to get started with DriveWorks.

Agricultural Silo Configurator

The DriveWorks Solo Agricultural Silo Configurator Project is a great example of whats possible with DriveWorks Solo.

Configure an Agricultural Silo specific to your requirements. Enter your design requirements and select from options, more options will appear based on the selections you make and the rules behind the project.

Preview the changes youve made to models, drawings and documents before hitting generate when your new parts, assemblies, drawings and documents are created automatically.

Drawings are updated with views, annotations, position and scale changed automatically. Generation reports are created, giving you a complete audit trail of generation reports, allowing you to check status and results.

Youll then see your results – parts and assemblies for manufacture, GA and detailed drawings (DWG, DXF & PDF) and documents including quotes, BOMs and cover notes – all saved with good file management, based on the projects rules.

Run the configurator over and over again to produce different order specific outcomes. New files are generated automatically, saving you time.

Download and explore our DriveWorks Solo Agricultural Silo Configurator Sample Project.

Explore More DriveWorks Solo Sample Projects

Download and explore ourDriveWorks Solo Sample Projectsto get started quickly and get inspiration for your own DriveWorks Solo projects.

Agricultural Trailer

Pressure Vessel

Wheel Chair

Roller Shutter Door

Medical Trolley

Machine Guarding


Lifting Equipment

Hydraulic Cylinder


Wooden Door

Agricultural Silo



What Can You Achieve with DriveWorks Solo?

UseDriveWorks Soloto quickly and easilycreate and configure custom productsinside SOLIDWORKS速.

The rules-based design automationeliminates errorsand expensive, time-consuming design changes.

Automate repetitive SOLIDWORKS tasksand free up engineers to focus on product innovation and development.

DriveWorks Solo iseasy to set up, maintain and use. Deliver custom products faster and with greater accuracy, without using complex macros, design tables or code.

We’ve created help and training resources to make sure you get the most from DriveWorks Solo.

Explore our wide range of DriveWorks resources here.

Try DriveWorks Solo

Now is a great time to look at ways to embrace digital transformation andworksmarter.

Save time, reduce errors, improve quality and streamline processes. with DriveWorks.

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